3 Ways a Teenage Can Acquire Wealth and Maintain Financial Sustainability

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A man’s success can be recognized by the legitimate means in which he gains beneficial things. This might be as result of effort and self-determination. To some people, it is otherwise because they believe success comes from the approval of the Supreme Being. Wealth sometimes can be described simply as the ability for an individual to meet up with his/her desires without limitations.

Millions of people living in the world today believe in having hands on deck to achieve their goals and what matters is, do they really work for the sustainable goal?

Perhaps, about 5% of the people in this world acquire wealth to sustain and provide their demands at any given time. They are known to be the world’s most influential people. Their achievements might not really depend on the hardship but simply as a result of self-determination to produce services for the general population to utilize.

In this article, we provide three (3) ways to acquire sustainable wealth to suit people’s prospective desires. However these ways are categorized amongst three groups namely the inventors, investors and salary earning groups.

The Inventors group: This group can be found amongst popular artistes such as art celebrities, actors, musicians and inventors. They normally work for the passion which at later time, projects them to fame that attracts wealth for them. Sometimes, their wealth is not substantial because of improper management. Reason is because majority of people in this group are teenagers who doesn’t believe in seeking for job. They find it easy to go for their passion but lack of knowledge in the managerial aspect would eventually lead them to financial instability.

The Salary Earning Group: This people work for an agreed terms and period for their employers. When they meet their job requirements, they get paid for the specific job. Either as a government or a private sector worker, they are dependent on their monthly, weekly or daily salary which often limits them to their desire.

A teenage in this group sometimes find it difficult to meet up with their hastening needs as they end up seeking for leverages, loans and mortgages which results to debt. At most point they are caged for a fixed period in other to achieve their long term desires. Only 30% of people in this group step up to build other sources of income for themselves.

The Investors group: This set of people believes that every day to day activities of the world depends on business transactions and risks.

However not many of them succeeds in this path. Only few who believe that risk is a companion in every business dealings scale along through.

This group of people invests at a minimal rate and gradually attains a higher level of wealth. They focus on the long term goal which produces huge and sustainable wealth than other groups above. They are the owners and employers of people who make wealth for them on daily basis.

Attaining wealth depends on the variety of group you choose to belong. Any one of these groups can eventually land you to wealth but it takes wisdom and understanding to manage its proceedings in other to sustain it for the future.

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