4 Benefits of Entrance Mats

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Entrance mats are a beneficial investment for businesses of all industries. Mats provide safety, floor protection, dirt control, bacteria regulation, and may even serve as a branding medium!

First, entrance mats serve to protect the floor area on which they are placed. Hardwood, tile, and marble are common flooring materials used in a range of different commercial buildings. These materials may become chipped, scratched, or cracked by dropped objects or general wear and tear. The cost of replacing damaged flooring can be great, leading many facility owners and managers to invest in commercial matting to protect their floor spaces.

Additionally, entrance matting is effective in eliminating bacteria accumulation. These products work to control dirt and debris around the entrances and exits of a building just as normal mats. The difference, however, is that these products may also be treated with antimicrobial agents that kill bacteria on contact. These types of mats are great in kitchen areas, food service stations, and other environments that must be kept free of contaminants.

Some entrance mats may be customized to deliver a fourth benefit: branding. Mats are easily customized with company logos, slogans, or insignias to further extend brand awareness to guests. These logo mats are available in a variety of eye-catching colors to match most pre-existing color schemes or interior d├ęcor. What’s more, advances in digital printing and “sewn-in” processes make possible the creation of logo mats with highly detailed images.

Most importantly, entrance mats add a level of safety around the interior and exterior areas of a building. Entryways, lobbies, and reception areas are often adorned with tile or hardwood flooring. While these flooring surfaces are beautiful in appearance, they may also become dangerous when wet. Placing entrance mats along the inside and outside areas surrounding entryways helps to prevent accidents in at least 2 major ways. First, mats clean dirt and other debris from the shoes of visitors when they enter a building. Once removed, the dirt falls below the surface of the mat and is contained to prevent unsightly and potentially dangerous accumulation. Second, most entrance mats are manufactured with a rubber backing that holds the mat in place, even on smooth surfaces. This creates a stable surface on which to walk and reduces the likelihood of accidental tripping, slipping, and falling even further.

The benefits of well-planned matting installation extend far beyond simply covering the floor spaces that surround the entrance and exits of a facility. From dirt control to accident prevention, commercial matting creates a comfortable and safe environment.

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