5 Long – Lasting Ramifications Of Trump’s Presidency

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How often have you heard someone say, it doesn’t matter who he votes for, because, they’re all the same, anyway? For, far – too – long, Americans have permitted their apathy, and/ or, naivete, control elections, and, America has often suffered, because the level of leadership, especially in the areas of ethics, and/ or, integrity, have, nearly, disappeared! Although, he lost the popular vote, in 2016, Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency, by winning the Electoral College. There were probably, several reasons, then, this occurred, including: 1) Many didn’t like his opponent, Hillary Clinton; 2) They believed his version of his personal reality, and thought he was a talented businessman, who could make government function better; 3) They wanted a change; 4) They were inspired by his slogans, including, Drain the Swamp, and Make America Great Again; 5) They believed the nation, had turned too liberal; and for a variety of other reasons. One thing, we should have learned from the past four years, is, who we elect, does make a difference, especially, in terms of long – lasting ramifications, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 of these, and why this should be concerning.

1. Handling of the Pandemic: If, we go, beyond, the rhetoric, and claims, made by this President, and, simply, look at the data, and performance, we realize, the United States, with approximately, 4.5% of the world’s population, experienced about 20% of the infected cases, and fatalities. Statistically, this indicates, our performance, and response, was, well, below average, and, this is largely, because of Trump’s response, and/ or, lack of one! An examination of what, we know, about the timeline, indicates, a combination of denial, diversion, lack of understanding, phony messaging, and setting a poor example (by holding rallies, etc, without social spacing, and minimizing the importance of wearing a mask). In addition, the failure to follow the science, and effectively, use, and understand relevant data, has harmed many people! We should, hopefully, learn from this, public health, and planning, must be, in – place, and the American people, deserve, and benefit, when the finest experts, are consulted, and listened to!

2. Public’s lack of trust, in government, and public officials: Many believe, the public’s lack of trust, in government, and its leaders, were largely responsible, for electing President Trump. This President’s tendency to tell lies, as indicated by political fact – checkers, has been, a major component, in presently, witnessing, the most, polarized nation, in recent memory!

3. Climate Change: Although, nearly every expert, and nation, in the world, informs us, not only is, Climate Change, real, and an imminent threat, to the earth’s future, Trump, at least, publicly, has minimized the risks, and, even, the danger. However, neither, denials, nor procrastination, make this disappear. Because of this behavior, the United States has squandered opportunities, etc, to produce a sustainable improvement!

4. Environment: Several President’s, especially, in, approximately, the past half – century, attempted to address environmental risks, and dangers, by encouraging actions, which promoted, clean air, and water! Trump, instead of continuing this, reversed, and/ or, minimized several of these protections!

5. Enabling hate crimes: Statistics indicate, the number of hate crimes, has risen, to previously, unwitnessed, levels. When, we witness, White Supremacists, and Neo – Nazis, enabled, and conspiracy theorists, encouraged, doesn’t that create, potentially, a clear and present danger?

Wake up, America, it matters, who you vote for. With, several states, determined by, such slim margins, isn’t it, way, past – time, to avoid, and/ or, minimize the potential dangers/ ramifications, of electing the wrong individuals!

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