5 Things Worth Of Addressing, Rather Than Denying!

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By this time, one would think, Americans would be tired – of, the same – old, same – old, lack of genuine, meaningful leadership, from those, they elect, supposedly, to serve, and represent, their best interests! Too often, politicians, avoid, doing what is right, needed, and necessary, but, rather, resort to empty promises, rhetoric, blaming and complaining, and, even – worse, denying! If, we hope, to be better – prepared, and capable, of handling the relevant, sustainable, challenges, into the future, we must, become more responsible voters, and, fully – examine, candidates, based on concrete plans and solutions/ actions, rather than, populist politics! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 things/ areas, where, we need, well – considered, proactive ideas, etc, rather than denials!

1. Dangers of Climate Change: We have too many, who, tend to, believe in conspiracy theories, etc, especially, when it comes, to Climate Change! They seem to find it, easier, and/ or, more convenient/ comforting, to deny, it exists, and is a danger, in a real, sustainable manner, than, to proactively, plan, and make changes, in how we live our lives, etc! Nearly, every scientist and expert, states, not only, is climate change, real, but, represents a clear danger, to the future, and sustainability, for the next generation! We have already seen, some impacts, such as the melting, at the planet’s poles, and, a significant increase, in major, weather conditions! However, when, a politician, denies the existence, and claims, taking suggested steps, would be too costly, etc, he is equating, the future of our planet, with immediate, economic ramifications, etc!

2. Need to protect environment: In the last Presidential administration, we witnessed, for the first – time, in many decades, an effort, to reverse previous gains, in protecting our environment. After – all, what could, possibly, be more important/ urgent/ relevant, than prioritizing, environmental protections, especially, in the areas of clean air, and water?

3. Public health, and safety: The recent, horrific pandemic, should, clearly, demonstrate, how essential, paying keen attention to public health matters, must be! President Trump, seemed, to many, to be, either, unprepared, ill – informed, in – denial, and/ or, believing, his approach, was better, for his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! He minimized, denied, blamed and complained, but didn’t take, timely action, when indicated! Isn’t that similar, to how, this nation, has behaved, in terms of gun safety, especially, when we consider, the number of incidents, deaths, etc, in the past few years?

4. Need for sane gun safety/ controls: We license automobiles, and drivers, but, do little, when it applies, to gun owners! Many politicians, continue to, avoid, addressing this issue, by stating, Guns don’t kill, people do. However, in reality, isn’t it, people, with guns, who, actually, kill! While, responsible people, should be allowed to own a gun, no one needs an assault weapon, nor should, certain individuals, be considered, fit, to be gun owners!

5. Our elections/ political system: Either, the American political system, is broken, or, it needs, serious consideration, in terms of making people, feel, more confident, in its results, etc. In reality, we must rehaul, the system, and no individual, should be able, to make irresponsible accusations, without evidence, which we witnessed, in, and since, the last election!

Wake up, America, and become, proactive, addressing, genuine needs, and priorities, and avoiding those, who resort to, the politics of, blaming, complaining, denials, and lies! We must do, so, sooner, rather than, later, or this nation, will be harmed, perhaps, forever!

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