6 Relevant, Sustainable Necessities Which Must Be Proactively Addressed!

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Despite, the inconvenience of it, nearly, every expert/ scientist, warns, of the potential dangers of climate change! This nation, and planet, no longer, is able, to merely, deny it, and hope it doesn’t happen! Rather, unless/ until, we recognize the potential ramifications, and, proactively, take actions, and the necessary steps, to reverse the trend, we endanger our future generations, in terms of health, environmental – related matters, climate challenges, freedoms, etc! The four years, of Donald Trump, holding the office of President of the United States, will, most likely, prove, harmful, in the longer – term, because, he refused to take actions, in many areas, seemingly, consistently, putting his personal/ political agenda, ahead of the greater good, especially, related to the relevant, sustainable necessities! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 key priorities, which must become top priorities, sooner, rather than later!

1. Clean air and water/ environmental issues: It seemed, Trump focused on what he considered, his top (only) priority, the apparent performance of the American economy (and health of our largest corporations), and articulated, a message, proclaiming, clean air, and water, are, secondary issues, which weren’t priorities! His Environmental Protection Administration permitted a loosening of protections, for clean air, and water, which most previous administrations, focused – on! Our water quality is threatened, when companies and industries, may dump waste, etc, into rivers, etc. Reducing, many restrictions, placed on new cars, in terms of fuel mileage, and emission standards, risks, the ramifications of Climate Change, etc!

2. Address Climate Change dangers: The four years, where our President, opposed the efforts, of the Paris Accords, weakened our planet’s efforts, in the areas of Climate Change dangers!

3. Public Health policies: No American should be proud of, or, merely, accept, how this nation, performed, during this horrific pandemic! We need to have well – considered, Public Health policies, in – place, to protect us, against the politicians, rather than greater good, being a higher priority!

4. Health/ Medical Care: Shouldn’t quality health care, and medical treatment, etc, be, a guarantee, rather than possibility? This country is, the only one, which provides, a system, which treats, those, with money, etc, in a preferable manner, regarding this care, than, the rest of us!

5. Constitutional guarantees: Either, someone supports all the Constitutional guarantees, or, should have no right, to demand a specific right/ freedom, selectively! We witness many, demanding their so – called, 2nd Amendment Rights (which, they claim, provides them the right to bear arms, although, many scholars, inform us, the original reasons, for this amendment, was permitting states, to form a Militia), while, only, selectively, considering the 1st Amendment, unless it serves their purpose, etc.

6. Common sense meeting – of – minds, for greater good: We must address the tendency, towards, partisan politics, where, we would be far, better – served, if, we focused, on seeking, a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good!

The future of our nation, and planet, depends on, paying more attention to these 6 relevant, sustainable necessities, sooner, rather than later! Will you become a more responsible citizen?

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