Are Magazines Bad For the Environment?

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Many people wonder whether magazines are bad for the environment, like so many other paper products that are currently found on the market. There might be a clue in the fact that so many magazines have decided to put most of their content on the Internet. Sure, this might have to do with more than just a bold and honorable move to help the environment by reducing waste, but whatever the reason, the magazines that have gone online are doing a small part in keeping the landfills a little less full.

Like water bottles and other products that don’t decompose readily in the land fills or the ocean, where a lot of debris and trash seems to end up, magazines really put a dent in the amount of paper we waste on a daily basis. In fact, literally thousands of magazines end up in the trash every single week. With rising concerns about global warming and other aspects of how we treat our world, many say it is time for a change. This is where electronic magazines come into play.

Being able to get your favorite content on the Internet is a money saver, a time saver and an environment saver to say the least. If you are someone who has spent years reading magazines and is a little hesitant about the whole prospect of having to read your favorite magazines online, you should simply give it a try. You might be surprised at your experience. The Internet allows the ability for magazines to really get interactive and to offer up a whole new myriad of features for their readers such as online polls and up to date interviews.

Many magazines don’t even charge a fee for the content they provide on the Internet, and instead make their money through advertising that you see throughout their websites. This means more savings for their loyal readers which keep them coming back, and in turn this makes the advertisers happy while keeping unwanted paper out of the trash. All in all, this is certainly a win-win situation for the industry. And long gone are the days of having to worry about a missed magazine because it got lost in the mail or the mailman found it interesting enough to forget to deliver it to you. This is yet another aspect of why online magazines are the better option overall.

If you want to try your hand at helping the environment while still getting your fix of your favorite magazines, consider using their online services for just a month instead of renewing your subscriptions right away. You might find that it’s easier to get the content you want, it’s cheaper and it is more convenient for you as well. With all of the benefits of online magazines, there is no reason to miss out on them. If your favorite magazine isn’t found on the Internet yet, consider asking them to do so. It may mean the difference between saving a rain forest and ruining one.

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