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A group of developers have just come out with an aluminum battery that could fully charge your phone battery in a minute. This battery is inexpensive, long-lasting and relatively safer than other batteries available in the marketplace. Most of other batteries available in the market are corrosive and harmful to the environment. Some batteries might even burst into flames when they are getting charged. This battery avoids all such instances so that the users are not put to any form of risk while using the mobile device. In this article, we would be just looking at this next-generation battery that has hit the market to give readers adequate insight into its structure and functions.

Quickly Chargeable Battery

A group of scientists at Stanford University have created a rechargeable battery. This new aluminum battery will one day completely replace existing storage devices like alkaline batteries and lithium-ion batteries that are harmful to environment. Dr. Hongjie Dai had passed the information about the development of the new battery to the press persons. He is now working as the Professor of Chemistry at the Stanford University. He is a member of the Stanford University team that has developed this hassle-free battery. The by-products of the electron discharge process are perfectly safe from environmental standpoint. Hence, it is safe to discard the used battery after taking certain precautionary measures.

New Battery

The new battery uses aluminum ions to conduct electricity and store the power. The developers were looking for a way to rationalize its working because its material is available cheaply in the market. It also does not burst into flames. Being a tri-charged metal ion, Aluminum can store a lot of power in a single charging process. Till now, the hurdle for developing such a battery was inability to find right candidate material for use as cathode in the battery. In other words, they were looking for a material that would let the cathode produce enough voltage after repeated cycles of usage. They have found during the course of experimentation that the graphite could be a better cathode than anything else. So, the developers have assembled the aluminum anode and graphite cathode with an ionic liquid to form the battery circuit. For providing better contact area, they have used flexible polymer-coated poach in the battery. It is capable of running smoother even after 7500 cycles without losing its capacity. Hence, people don’t have to look for facilities to charge their mobiles quite frequently when they are on a tour to a distant place.

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