Cleaning Products and Their Link to Reduced Lung Function

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According to a study conducted by Norway’s University of Bergen, continual exposure to cleaning products can significantly affect lung function.

This study was based on 6,000 people, which found that women were affected more drastically than men.

Upon this discovery, this team of experts concluded that cleaning chemicals are unnecessary and that in most cases, you should just use a micro cloth and warm water.

While there have been many studies done on the short-term effects of cleaning chemicals, this study looked at the long-term consequences.

These studies showed that certain cleaning chemicals indeed cause damage bit by bit and has great potential to boost the rate of lung function decline which naturally comes with old age.

Conclusions About the Study

The individuals documented in the study were observed and studied for over 20 years.

These adults’ lung function was measured by testing how much air an individual could breathe out with force. This amount declined over the years with women who regularly cleaned.

The study suggests that these cleaning product chemicals affect the membrane mucous which serve as a lining in the lung airways, therefore causing long-term damage.

The take-home?

Cleaning chemicals found in your everyday cleaning products can cause significant damage to human and animal lungs.

While this is important for everyone to understand, it’s even more imperative for individuals living with a lung condition.

This study shows that air pollution is a result of many different sources, some we were not initially aware of.

By ensuring our homes are well ventilated, and taking precautionary measures in terms of ensuring our homes and environment are chemical-free, or as chemical-free as possible, we’ll be able to prevent these chemicals from every day and products from harming our lungs.

It’s not only the harsh, cleaning products that are threatening our environment and our health. It’s the everyday products we surround ourselves with as well that are contributing significantly to the long-term damage.

How to Protect Yourself from These Everyday and Cleaning Products?

If you’re intending on continuing to use chemical-based products, despite the potential repercussions, it’s vital that you keep your house well-ventilated during and well after the use of these products.

If you live or work in a place that is using chemical products on a regular basis, take this study we showed you and present it to the landlord or person in charge of your premises.

This will make an easily strong argument as to why the building’s cleaners should switch to organic cleaners. After all, sick employees won’t be good for the economy.

Finally, if you’re looking for a solution for your own home, the best option is to switch to an organic-based cleaner.

There are a lot of these products on the market, and unfortunately, not all of them are true to what they stand for.

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