Climate Change And Environment: 5 Important Considerations!

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Although, it seems, many prefer to deny it, etc, the reality is, being prepared for, and proactively, addressing the threats and ramifications, from Climate Change, and taking proper care of our environment, and potential threats to many aspects of life, especially, related to clean air and water, are, perhaps, the most essential, existential threats to our world, in the near – term, intermediate, and especially, longer – run! Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of this generation, to leave a world/ planet, to future generations, which is safer, cleaner, and more sustainable, etc? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 important considerations, and logical, necessities, we need to address, sooner, rather than later.

1. Automobile gas economy: Personally, I find it amazing, and concerning, we are still, discussing the need to increase automobile, gas economy, even though, President Carter, in the late – 1970’s, warned us, and the Congress, at that time, passed a wise framework, to ensure it! Unfortunately, much of that progress, was stymied, and, even, reversed, by President Reagan, and, the guidelines, to – this – date, have continued, to lag! We do see some progress, because, there has been, a large increase, in the number of cars, using electic, and/ or, hybrid, systems, and, thus, reducing the dangerous, undesirable ramifications, on our air quality! Although, rising gas prices, creates immediate, short – term, hardships and challenges, perhaps, it will help transform the industry, quicker, into using less gas, etc!

2. Building and factory emissions: The emissions from buidings (residential and commercial), and factories, creates a major threat, and undesirable impact, on overall, air quality! We need to insist, on a phased – in, basis, technologies are mandated, to address and reverse this trend! This might include, transforming, far – more, and quicker, to alternative fuel sources, to using filtration, etc, which addresses and cleans the emissions, before they are released, into the environment!

3. Fuel supplies: We need to start emphasizing cleaner fuels, rather than, continuing to depend on fossil fuels! The dirtiest of these is probably, coal, and most of the world, has agreed to phase – these out, and, in this nation, we have witnessed, many mines close, in the last few years! We must enhance and improve technologies, such as solar, wind, geo – thermal, and enhanced building designs, before it’s too late!

4. Protect water supplies: For decades, our Federal government, gradually, enforced environmental protections, especially, in terms of banning commercial and other dumping, into water supplies, more and better water quality testing, etc, but, between 2017 and 2020, the administration of President Donald Trump, took steps, to reduce regulations, and permitted commercial dumping, into water supplies! The long – term impacts and ramifications of this approach, may be devastating, or near – so!

5. Worldwide effort needed: At a recent meeting of many nations, those attending pledged to cooperate, to protect the environment, and take the dangers of Climate Changes, seriously, and stated, they would implement preventive measures, to achieve that! Only, when all nations, realize, we are in this, together, and use some common sense, instead of short – term, political/ populist, etc, will we be ready, to address, these existential dangers!

Either, we address the causes of Climate Change, and protect the environment, in a significant manner, without, any more excuses, rhetoric, empty promises, or procrastination, will we prevent the unwanted ramifications, into the future! The United States must, step – forward, and become a leader, in the right direction!

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