Climate Change Discussion From a Denier’s Perspective

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We are told by Climate Change and Global Warming Alarmists that we are deniers if we dare to question their science, research, or political attempt to hijack the world’s economies and remove the use of fossil fuels. We are told that we are in the pockets of the Oil Companies, that we don’t care about the planet, and that we are ignorant about the scope of the real problem. Of course such criticism isn’t even close to reality, it’s just that we see data manipulation, faulty assumptions and the demonizing of an atmospheric trace gas.

About the time of the Climate Change Summit COP21 in Paris, France, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article titled; “Climate Experts Question Temperature Benchmarks” by Guatam Naik published on November 30, 2015 which noted many very esteemed climate scientists questioning the attempt of the IPCC to legislate the warming of the climate to no more than 2-degrees, as if the Earth is listening to their BS. Turns out the climate agreement coming out of that conference decided on 1.5 degrees, yes, even more preposterous.

The reality is we cannot even trust the science telling us that CO2 is the problem. For instance, we cannot trust ice-core samples as measurement of the average global CO2 during previous periods. Most geologists that study this know that. BTW – those who say that deniers are not climate scientists and only “climate scientists” are capable of a solid rendering on the theory fail to see that the “AGW” theory itself relies on all sorts of other types of science; Geologists for ice-core, biologists for studying tree rings, coral reefs, jelly fish, Oceanography for ocean flows, Meteorologists for jet stream, El Nino, – heck the list is so long I can’t even write it all this box without running out of space.

Oh and before we forget 97% of scientists do not agree on the Global Warming science stretched beyond reality by the IPCC. Simply because mankind’s CO2 is insignificant, there is also a lag in uptake to availability, and CO2 appears to follow heat rising, not the other way around anyway. I dismiss CO2 as the whipping boy – Dear Global Warming Alarmists – try again or go away. And, yes, the CO2 has risen since 1958 to the values I state (400 ppm) but big deal, like so what! This is a very small time in Earth’s history, there are constant fluctuations, and that is to be expected.

Climate Change has been going on for 4.5 Billion years how can mankind be so arrogant as to believe they can change – change itself – after all as Einstein put it, “Change is the only constant” so get over it already, the IPCC isn’t even needed. Think on this.

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