Climate Change – How Can This Affect your Life?

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Climate change has a very profound effect on our day to day life. But off late we are seeing instances where our weather patterns have changed and there is an increase in erratic climatic changes all over the world. The sudden climatic change which is occurring is mainly due to global warming. All over the world there are many countries that have a fast and developing economy and as the countries concentrate on their growing economy our planet is being left in a very bad shape. The people have neglected the environment running behind money and the climatic changes have come back to haunt the people.

People were able to live comfortable lives as they were adjusted to the climate and environment, but our own activities have caused the climatic changes which are mostly due to global warming which has left us uncomfortable. The temperature during the summer is on the rise and some places are experiencing very harsh winters. The effects of climatic changes are affecting people, wildlife and our environment. In basic terms, Global warming is the increase in temperature of the earth’s surface and atmosphere. The major reasons of climatic change are the burning of fossil fuel, the green house gases released in the emissions of houses, factories, cars etc.

The climatic changes have been the reasons of melting of glaciers in the Polar Regions, occurrences of large number of hurricanes, tsunamis, high variations in climate, change in the rainfall distribution etc. due to the increase in temperature there have been formation of high and low pressure regions which have caused the formation of hurricanes and extreme climatic conditions. Man, by his carelessness has lead to the climatic change thereby causing destruction to our own property. Hurricanes and other changes have been devastating to both man and animals. Due to the sudden change, it has lead to destruction of property, loss of many lives, occurrence of diseases, floods etc. Floods which are caused due to the climatic change can cause stagnation of water which is perfect breeding grounds for many vectors like mosquitoes which causes diseases like malaria, filarial etc.

Another effect of global warming has been that due to depletion of ozone layer, there is no barrier to prevent the harmful rays of the sun. Thus the temperature increases and also chances of skin cancer due to ultra violet rays. These rays may also create mutations which will be transmitted to next generations and can cause genetic disorders. The melting of ice has lead to slow increase in the sea level and if this continues, it will lead to complete submerging of many islands under the sea in the future years to come.

The harsh effects of the climatic changes have made people to think about the reasons for the global warming. It has caused an increase in the effort by people to reduce global warming by switching to different energy source other than fossil fuels, recycling, planting trees, electricity conservation and awareness programmes. Even the governments are signing treaties and under taking projects to reduce global warming and thus prevent the climatic changes. If we want to ensure that there are no more adverse climatic changes then we need to take steps to prevent global warming so as to ensure that earth is a place to live for the next generation.

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