Climate Warming, Cost Consequences Vs Credibility of World Leaders – Colossal Confrontation Coming!

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Global Warming and Climate Change are widely believed to be proven scientific fact, caused by mankind’s fossil-fuel emissions, notably carbon dioxide! A colossal credibility-vs-cost confrontation is inevitable, world-wide in scope – pitting world leaders: the United Nations; Nobel Prize Committee; heads of all countries – against the verity of Science. The consequences of reduced economic and industrial efficiency would be enormous – as also would be the egg-on-face embarrassment for world leaders, including President Obama!

  • First came the prickling of consciences (the consequences of civilization); DDT – powerful insecticide – both benefit and curse; Rachel Carson’s 1962 book “Silent Spring”; some observations of seeming climate change, e.g. smog and ice pack diminishment;
  • Then extrapolation – for principle and political benefit (rebels with many causes): save planet Earth; save the forests; protect “Endangered Species” on land and sea: whales, snail-darter, minnows; save the environment, promote use of “green” energy, etc.;
  • The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change established in 1988, ultimate authoritative body, showcasing the ideology – the liberal world accepts the concept – plus all media;
  • Climate Research Projects are funded; climatologists are responsive, recording and reporting data: the “Hockey Stick” chart depicts the potential of planet-heating harm;
  • The Kyoto Protocol convenes in 1997, stated goal – combat global warming, “stabilization of greenhouse gas.. [to] prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system”.
  • The Nobel Peace Prize of 2007 awarded to UN IPCC and Al Gore – alerting the world to potential danger to our planet from industrial fossil-fuel emissions;
  • Obama, President and Democrat-controlled Congress: Climate Control Act (Cap-and-Trade Bill) passes in House in 2009; shows U.S. aligns with Kyoto Protocol (resistance in Senate). China has now surpassed the U.S. as biggest emitter of CO2.
  • Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency establishes emission standards and penalties in the U.S.
  • The Copenhagen Conference is held, 2009, 192 countries, all world leaders attend. Obama gives solid endorsement – “We come together.. climate change a grave, growing danger. You – like me, convinced danger real.. science, not fiction. [If] unchecked.. unacceptable risks.. planet.. [U.S.] largest economy, second largest emitter.. intend meet responsibility.. phase-out fossil fuel.. bold action.. legislation.. clean energy. America fulfill commitments: cut emissions 17 % – 2020, 80 % 2050.. financial commitments [to 3rd world], America [pay most] fast-start – $10 billion, 2012; $100 billion, 2020.”
  • Then came “Climate-gate” – leaks of emails disclosing data had been modified, with-held, even “lost” (e.g. “hockey-stick chart; erroneous prediction of melting Himalayan glaciers in near-term); requests for data (Freedom of Information Act) ignored; technical papers by scientists who challenge data-base or extrapolation-theory are black-balled from peer-review journals, etc.
  • “Doubting-Thomas” scientists begin to be heard – 31,072 Americans with degrees in science, sign a petition flatly denying that proclamations of human-caused global warming is scientific fact; calling for U.S. rejection; top scientists write articles of criticism – publication blocked (ignored by media).
  • Then, recent admissions by top UN scientists of data modifications and false projections; resignations of UN’s Climate Chief, Dr. Yvo de Boer; IPCC head, Dr. Phil Jones; etc.
  • However, the belief in Climate Change is still widespread, supported by leaders of all countries, most technical journals and main-stream media. However, against this solid front:
  • A chorus of scientists in other fields, dismayed at the disclosures, begin to speak up – righteous indignation at (what seems) to be blatant disregard of scientific purity.
  • Mother Nature is displaying her strength – the 2009-10 extreme wintry weather across America makes a mockery of global warming, adding ridicule to the awakening of U.S. citizenry to cost-realities of the government-media agenda for “greening” the U.S.
  • Cost consequence – analyses by financial groups expose the potential costs and lost jobs due to Obama’s EPA program – imposed carbon-dioxide-emission and reparation penalties on millions of mid-to-large-size facilities: factories, hospitals, even apartment buildings; plus scores of $Billions as “emission reparations” (Obama’s Copenhagen promises). Realization grows – even if humans do cause climate change, the “cure” will be much worse than the “disease”!

World leaders, the UN, Nobel Prize Committee, President Obama – all seem to have painted themselves into a corner. How with will it end?

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