Climategate Vs the Pollution Lobby

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Tell me that headline isn’t enough to make you toss your cookies! Not everything is black and white, there are gray areas. No one will dispute that we, and I don’t just mean the US, has trashed portions of our planet. Currently China is creating their own Love Canals. On the other hand, the US has done remarkably well in taking steps to be good stewards of our planet, though some may disagree.

Ben Stein said this:

Well, calling the people who want to keep Americans free to use the kind of energy they want to use the ‘pollution lobby’ is a wild smear… The truth is, we’ve now got a lot of data coming out that the scientific community who are on the side of anthropogenic global warming were cooking the data and were suppressing data to those requesting their data. So, I think the whole thing of fighting global warming may be based on a false premise.”

Most cities no longer have billowing towers of smoke, even our little capitol of RI, Providence, has drastically changed in my lifetime. I recall the major industries in the city taking the first step to alternate days and hours of dumping toxic trash into the atmosphere. Many steps have been taken since and now the city air is quite clean.

So GLOBAL WARMING is being questioned. Well, to be honest, it has always been questioned. I recall not too many years ago we were warned of Global Cooling. Now that the real statistics point to a cooling trend, perhaps we can throw billions of dollars at that unproven theory to “study” what man has done to create that!

Tectonic plate movement of the earth’s crust, erupting volcanoes, natural forest fires, tsunamis, and the list goes on, there are many natural events that effect our earth’s climate. Not to mention that the earth is approximately 75% covered by deep oceans.

Why is it so hard to believe that the earth’s climate is in a state of change? It’s as if the proponents of global warming never watch the Discovery Channel! If we are to believe all we study about the earth’s history, it has always been in a state of change.

We need to be careful not to pollute our air, land and waterways. I realize that is a broad statement, but sometimes it is just that simple.

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