Composting Toilets Are Friendly for the Environment

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Composting toilets are becoming more popular in recent years, as many people search for ways to become truly eco-friendly. Environmental friendliness includes much more than switching to a better light bulb or trying to recycle your plastic products, for instance.

With a toilet that has composting capabilities, you’ll instantly and dramatically reduce your usage and waste of fresh water. In a world where tens and hundreds of millions of people don’t have access to the fresh water they need to drink, stopping your usage of hundreds of gallons of water for going to the bathroom is a logical and beneficial eco-friendly decision.

What Exactly is a Composting Toilet?

The composting cycle utilizes aerobic processing and decomposition to process waste. These typically operate with no water, or just a very small amount of water in some cases.

There are many guides, articles and forums that can assist you in learning more and making the most of your eco-friendly toilet. Common materials utilized to support the aerobic process include sawdust and peat moss, both of which absorb liquids and reduce odor too. Altogether they’re efficient and easy to work with – you really only need oxygen and heat.

Why Should I use One?

There are many reasons why you may want to consider using a composting toilet. This includes:

  • Environmental Friendliness: As mentioned, they are great for the environment, reducing your impact in a very real and substantial way. The math on how much water is wasted from toilet usage is staggering.
  • Versatility: A composting toilet can be used anywhere. You don’t need a water supply or anything else, these are stand-alone products that can always be put into action when you need them.
  • Off-the-grid: Many people want to live a completely off the grid lifestyle, whether that’s on a temporary basis when they go camping or hiking, or whether it’s on a semi-permanent basis with a vacation cabin or campsite, or a permanent basis, with a year-round residence in the mountains or woods. A composting toilet will help you stay completely off the grid and independent. You don’t need any waste treatment facilities, plumbing, or even septic tank installation.
  • Composting: Some people are just composting hobbyists, and love the natural aspect to it, the cycle and reuse of everything, and more.

At the end of the day, there are many different reasons why you may want to use a composting toilet. They’re certainly convenient, versatile and will help you live an off the grid lifestyle. Right at the top of the list though is their environmental friendliness. Minimize your impact, and stop wasting so much freshwater both in the usage of toilets, and then in the entire processing and treatment system along the way too.

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