Did You Know The Effects On Ecosystems By Ground Termites

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The ecosystem groups all organisms together in their relationship to the environment and to each other. Everything that happens in our environment relates back to everything in one way or another. Whether these events directly or indirectly affect the environment, all things big or small play a part in our ecosystem.

The subterranean termite or as they are some time’s called the ground termite nest underground and can cause devastation if they become over populated. Other types of termites build mounds that rise as far up as twenty feet above ground. The subterranean termites nest underground and the soil becomes rich in nutrients needed for growth of grass, trees, and flowers and in some cases plentiful crops from the farmers.

Effects On Ecosystem By Ground Termites Facts

The effects of ecosystems by ground termites have a positive rating, while receiving a negative review from us as homeowners. The termite contributes to our environment by fertilizing the soil as they clean up dead leaves, deadwood and branches. Although these pests can destroy a home, they can aid in the growth of our environment.

The ground termite aids the deadwood decomposition as they feed and speed up the decomposition process, allowing the soil to receive fertilizer needed for new growth. This process would not happen if not for the subterranean termites. Without the help of the termite, soils would eventually need us to fertilize the land in order to maintain our forests and other beautiful wooded areas.

Farmers have been known to plant their crops nearby a termite mound because the soil is fertilized and crops grow healthy without artificial fertilizer. In the forest or in farmer’s fields, you will see the healthiest growth thanks to the termites. This allows new growth and healthy grow as the decomposition of debris because of termites help with the effects on ecosystems by ground termites.

Termites will live with us and grow in population as they feed and produce daily. While we wish the termite extinct, if this would happen, the effects on ecosystems by ground termites would suffer a great deal. Believe it not, we need these annoying pests to survive and grow. We need the termite to fertilize our land and help with the decomposition process in many areas. Termites are welcome in the wilderness, but as a homeowner, we condemn the termite that will have a devastating affect on our homes and other buildings.

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