Dumbing Down Climate Change in Christianity

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My brain is spinning because of a Christian’s view of why climate change is fake. The argument presented is based on claims in Genesis, Old Testament, that God created the earth in six days and, therefore, man cannot destroy it. Other points made are that everything in the bible is correct and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God sent to earth to die for our sins.

People who are so misguided and ignorant of basic facts must truly live in caves, or their eyes and ears are so defective that reality is impossible for them to perceive. Admittedly when all of their society is tuned into such woeful destructive dreams it is hard for an individual to think outside of the square.

What about the highly educated who also believe in such misconceptions. Surely they can understand what is happening to the world and why? At least, one would think that but it is simply not the case.

Christian preachers are usually graduates of universities and have opportunities to clarify how and why things were created. So why don’t they spill the beans? The answer is because they are not willing to go outside of the establishment that pays them to do so.

A Pentecostal preacher, who is now a senior officer of his denomination, stated in my presence that as a university lecturer, (his day job), he had to teach evolution. He clarified his point, however, with the statement that “although I teach it I don’t believe in it.”

My assessment is that he clings to dreams and pushes his ideas on his parishioners because he enjoys his status. To suddenly own up to the truth would bring him down in the minds of all who are under his influence.

This is the problem with religion. Once something is established it cannot be undone and so entire communities fall into line or risk being targeted by the very organisations they believe in. To question anything in the bible is to go against all Christian beliefs and risk ostracism, ridicule, and friendships; even family relationships.

Before speaking a word about my experience of reincarnation and knowledge that heaven and hell are nothing but weapons to keep the faithful in line, it was essential for to be on safe ground. That means having the answers about where these dreams arose and why. The evidence is astounding and public, so there is no excuse for people not to see it.

Evolution proves that God didn’t make the world in six days, but it was a laid down belief upon which most religions are based. Archaeology, anthropology and linguistics carry the records of the past that are exposed. The bible is full of man’s dreams and lies and only the prophecies stand firm, which most Christians never understand. Because of being dumbed down by deceit believers cannot see or think beyond what they are told.

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