Employee Recognition Sayings and Slogans

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Employee recognition sayings are a great way to spread a positive attitude across your work force. Talking about gifts and rewards, gift certificates and things of the sort are great motivation for employees to do a good job. It’s natural to achieve a good response from workers when they know there are positive rewards. Employees that go without recognition can fall into a dull and boring routine. Work begins to get monotonous and depressing if there is no praise for those who do well.

A letter from the corporate office is the ultimate reward for doing well on the job. Awards for good work performance are very effective at increasing productivity in the workplace. Employees that know they will be recognized for their good work are much more likely to strive for perfection. On the other hand, negative consequences set a very bad environment in the workplace. When employees see positive rewards, the mood lightens and people can be happier. It can be tough to go to work every day in an environment where there are no smiling faces.

An employee appreciation committee can work to come up with ideas and employee recognition sayings that spread the word about rewards and provide motivation for everyone in the building. The sayings or slogans can be used to remind those who waste time being unproductive to get back to work. It can be difficult as a manager to stay on your employees to be productive. A popular slogan can make this much easier and take some of the awkwardness away from the situation.

Employee recognition sayings can bring activities and fun to the workplace in other ways as well. There can be a vote every month; employees can write down a slogan on a piece of paper and enter it into a drawing. The slogan that is drawn can be used for the next month on an employee appreciation bulliten board. A program could also be started that allows raffle tickets to be distributed for each good deed an employee does. In example: the committee could purchase a big screen television and use it as incentive for a whole year. Each time an employee is recognized for good work performance, they can be issued a raffle ticket. At the end of the year during employee appreciation day, awards can be given. The big screen television can be raffled at this time. The person that has performed the best throughout the year has the best chance to win! You can have a special employee recognition plaque made for them and they can display it proudly on their desk.

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