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Our world today is being affected by a large variety of environmental problems. Globalization has managed to successfully connect people from different countries but this along with the earth’s natural processes has also managed to convert many small local problems into international issues. As such, today there is not a single society that is not being affected by the consequences of these environmental problems.

However, due to the untiring efforts of many institutions and individuals, there has also been growing awareness of these problems. There is a strong desire in an ever-growing number of people to contribute towards the environmental movement and in the movement to make the earth green. Despite this, the gap between the number of people who are aware of the environmental issues and the number of people actively doing something about it in their lives is enormous.

There are two main causes for this – a busy lifestyle that makes it very difficult for an individual to take time out and keep himself informed of the ways in which he could be helping to make the earth green. The second cause relates to the lack of easy-to-find and easy-to-follow practical suggestions that an individual can use. Small wonder then, that even well-meaning, environment friendly citizens of the world are not sure, as to how they could make any contribution towards protecting the environment.

Our world and our lives are getting increasingly busy these days and when it comes to managing that balance between work life and home life, it is not surprising that even a true eco-minded person will not be able to follow through on many environment friendly actions. Information about the significant role that each person has to play when it comes to making the earth green or what kind of earth-friendly solutions one can adopt is not easily available. And even when it is available, it is always in the terms of more abstract solutions rather than a set of simple steps that an individual or family or even a community can follow.

Let’s make a more diligent attempt to make it easier for people to take earth-friendly steps in their everyday lives. While there are many books written about the environment, its problems and possible solutions, there are not many that suggest practical doable solutions to individuals or families. We need to motivate environment conscious people to actually start practicing green living. With the help of constructive tips and topical resources, we may encourage individuals, families and communities to start taking earth-friendly steps.

At first, we should raise awareness of the various environmental problems, how our actions can end up causing serious harm to the environment and in very simple terms explain how each one of us can make a difference. The emphasis should not only be on awareness of issues but on getting people motivated enough and providing them the help needed to start taking action. Towards this end, it lists practical solutions that one can implement in everyday life, without having to spend too much time or putting in too much effort.

So if you have been an environment enthusiast but have not followed through on your good intentions because you did not have the time, or thought it was too difficult or simply because you did not know how, here is a fresh chance to get motivated about helping our environment, our fellow man, and ourselves!

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