Event Specific Clip Art Design – Earth Day

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The concept of Earth Day celebration started in Wisconsin more than four decades ago. It was intended to raise national awareness on environmental preservation and conservation. Today, it is celebrated for a lot of reasons. There are practically a number of reasons that are coupled with personal views and emotions on the celebration of Earth Day. These varied emotions can be manifested on the manner of celebrating Earth Day.

Basically the best way of sharing one’s emotions and personal views on Earth Day celebration would be in the form of graphics or illustrations. Pictures or graphics can surprisingly convey a deeper message than words can. Therefore the choice of the perfect graphics or pictures that would appropriately describe one’s emotions or views is very crucial. These graphics and pictures are more popularly known in the web as clip arts. These are pre-made images or illustrations that one can easily use for any application. Some of the most popular clip arts include:

Underwater Scene with a Sick Fish and Oil Can.

This clip art shows an underwater scene with a sick fish and oil can near it. This graphics shows that the oils that are split on the waters are causing the fishes to become sick and eventually die. If we don’t stop this practice, then eventually there would be no more fishes left in the sea.

Earth Day Tree.

This graphics shows a picture of the globe with a single full grown tree growing on its top. This conveys the message that in order to preserve the world, people should also preserve the trees. People can basically stop cutting trees, or they can start planting trees. The message that is sent in this clip art has something to do with forest preservation.

Smiling World.

This clip art is one of the most popular in the web. This might be because more and more people are becoming optimistic about the current environmental conditions, or it might be because more and more people are trying to deny reality. This graphics shows a world that is smiling and is therefore happy. This clip art can be both genuine and sarcastic at the same time.

Torn World.

This clip art illustrates an image of the world that is torn into pieces. This is a rather highly emotional clip art, as this conveys a message that the world is tearing apart beyond repair. This can either boost awareness and realization, or exude failure and hopelessness.

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