Factors to Be Kept In Mind Before Buying a Micro Switch

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Unionwell in China is the best and the leading producer of microswitches, and the company is very much well known for this. Now let’s discuss the factors you should keep in mind before buying a micro switch and its advantages.

Microswitches are reliable, cost-effective, and also durable. Certain things to keep in mind before buying any microswitch are:

  • Dimensions: The dimension of microswitche is an essential feature that you should keep in mind before purchasing it. These microswitches’ dimension is very important as it decides how much will be the operating force, current range, and travel force of the switch. Depending on the current and type of the circuit, the shape and size of the circuit are decided. When 3 amp of current is required in the circuit, the smaller switches are chosen. The small switches can break the current with ease due to small strokes. So we can also say that the switch’s size depends on the appliance.
  • Electrical Specifications: One of the most interesting things about the micro switches is that it offers a vast range of amperage for all the switches. So all the microswitches are very much effective in low, smaller electrical devices and high power devices. The lowest range of amperage is 5mA, and the highest range of amperage is 25mA. You should properly understand the voltage and current requirements before choosing any switch. Many home devices and appliances use low voltage or current, so the switches installed must break at less current.
  • Circuits: While choosing the proper micro switch, take into consideration the circuit. There are two types of the circuit used in the microswitches; normally open and normally closed circuits. In customarily closed circuits, the contact remains closed, and the current goes through it; as the switch is properly actuated, the contact disconnects automatically disconnecting the flowing current. In ordinarily open circuits, the total circuit is open initially; the contact is not in touch. As we press the switch, the circuit completes, and the current immediately start flowing.
  • Usage Condition: The usage condition is one of the most important things you should consider before buying any microswitch. The surrounding environmental factors like temperature and type of appliance are important while choosing the microswitch. It is very important to check whether the microswitches are pollutant resistant and waterproof or not.

Uses of Micro Switch

Microswitches are used in many places like industrial equipment, home appliances, cars, and many more. Some common uses of microswitches are as follows.

  • These are used in the printers to detect any paper jams.
  • These are used in the vending machines as jam detectors and sense the coins when entered into the machines.
  • The safety apparatus in the lifts also makes use of these switches.
  • Used as the door interlocks in microwaves.
  • These are used to detect the open-close position of the valve properly.

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