Figurines and Environment

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What is the reason for figurines? Do we just find them pretty, or do we seek to capture a thing, or a person in a form that we can keep around us for a life time and pass them along as an heirloom, or just a part of who we were? long as we are, handling it as fragile as most of them appear? Think of an angel figurine, how very delicate they are And real to life as well. Artist of most figurines is so talented, that they, put the smallest of detail to every part of them, including the fingernails.

When we collect figurines, we usually buy a fine china cabinet and display them, we beam with pride, as others admire our real to life perfect figurines. Some people prefer to just buy a few and use them as home decor. Figurines can add a stunning beauty to the home when placed in the right setting. Imagine a beautiful wooden table with a silver plate of candy and a gold bowl of nuts and in between them is a figurine, of a chubby Buddha, surrounded by his delight in snacks. Some figurines hold plants and flowers, that some people showcase around their home to add together life and beauty, or maybe just a touch of class.

Let’s not forget the many mediums used to make figurines. There are those made of clay, glass, gold, silver, multi-metals, Bronze, copper, brass, porcelain again the list goes on and on.

Figurines make great gifts for both someones you know well or don’t know much at all.

One woman loved fantasy figurines and art so much she decorated her entire home with figurines of fairies, Unicorn, and Pegasus. She did not stop there, she also hung fantasy pictures throughout, to make her home, a fantasy land. One would think this would be over doing it, but, actually, it was breathtaking.

There is also Garden or yard figurines, some people have figurines for every holiday or just for the season. A yard with some well-made figurines can’t help but, get a glance or two. The outside of our homes can say much about who we are. For instance, it can show how much we enjoy celebrating holidays, or it can show us someone masculine or feminine lives there, it can even if you look at what kind of figurines they choose to display, give one an idea of what kind of person lives n that beautiful, eye catching home.

Of course, if it is not Halloween and you see all year around witches, devils, or other scary figurines, one might ask themselves, are they a dark person, or just find a different kind of beauty with such figurines.

For those of us who like figurines here is a question. What do you do with your figurines Share if you will, what kind of figurines do you like best and why? And, if you’re someone who does not like figurines, please feel free to share why not? Personally, “The world without figurines, is a loss of beauty”

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