Fluoride: What’s the Big Deal?

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They put fluoride in the drinking water. They put fluoride in toothpaste. They put fluoride in mouthwash. The dentist gives you a fluoride treatment after cleaning your teeth.

Why all that fluoride?

More importantly, is it really a good thing?

Those are great questions… I’m glad you asked.

First, a little boring history. I promise it won’t take long. Once upon a time, a dentist traveled to a city in Colorado to set up his practice. He noticed that all of the local born people had terrible brown stains on their teeth originally called “Colorado Brown Stain”, but later called fluorosis. He also noticed that those same people had little to no decay in the form of cavities.

After considerable study (like 30 years), this dentist finally found the compound that was responsible.


By now he had help from other dentists. They started analyzing water from around the country. What they discovered was the children whose water supply had only one part per million (ppm) of fluoride had fewer cavities. They also didn’t have the “Colorado Brown Stain” condition.

To prove their findings on a large scale required a test city. The city was Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1945, Grand Rapids started fluoridating their water. After an 11 year study, in which 30,000 children were examined, the results showed a 60 percent drop in cavities in school age children.

There’s the proof… What’s the problem?

In a lot of people’s minds, the problem is that the government was essentially mass medicating its citizens. Fluoridation is really only effective on children. So, millions of adults are being getting fluoride for no reason.

Recently, there have been countries that have stopped adding fluoride to their drinking water. In New Zealand for example, 12 years after discontinuing fluoridation there was an actual improvement in cavity incidents.

The other problem is, the source of fluoride used in drinking water is the fertilizer industry. There is a negative feeling associated with that connection to the water people drink.

The solution: If you don’t want fluoride in your water… get rid of it!

How do you get rid of fluoride?

The simple answer is with a filter designed to do just that. Of course, you won’t get a filter that just removes fluoride. It will remove a whole lot of other bad stuff too. These filters come in a wide variety. You can get something as simple as a water pitcher all the way to a whole house filtration system.

You can also purchase a distillation unit that will provide you with virtually pure water. A distillation unit will bring the water to a boil. Then it will capture the steam and cool it back down into a liquid. The water then goes through an activated carbon filter. You will have pure, refreshing water to drink.

I hope this has been informative for you.

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