Flybar 800 in Action!

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The Flybar 800 can elevate of over 4 feet, and it’s greater than any pogo on the market. It weighs 16 lbs or half the weight of Flybar 1200. It is less bulky than Flybar 1200. It is one of the extreme sports and pastimes of pogo players age 12 and above. Anyone with outgoing personality and loves to enjoy with a twist of challenge can try Flybar 800. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or boy, young or old as Flybar 800 can be adjusted according to your weight and height.

Just like Flybar 1200, Flybar 800 is a modification of customary pogo stick which enables the riders to propel themselves more higher than usual. With adjustable string and thrusters, shock pads, rubber tip and bearings, riders can do whatever they want with Flybar 1200. Riders just need to ensure their safety.

It is appropriate for riders who want to fly in the alternative way. You can perform stunts too if you want, just make sure that you wear helmet and protective gear, and read the instruction manual carefully before using Flybar 800.

You need to check your Flybar 800 before using it and store it in a cool, dry place. Troubleshooting your pogo stick and administering prompt solution to problems allow you to enjoy and continue using pogo stick for a long time. Now that you are equipped with some tips and information about Flybar 800, you can start playing and go in extreme action.

Learning the basics, ride your Flybar 800, then jump on. Remember to stand correctly with knees bent and handlebars close to your body. Try to lean your chest towards the handle bars for better alignment. You need to master the balance and take the risk. Plot your moves and get ready for a show off.
You can try bungee jumping, balance training and fitness training. It is a good form of exercise as all body parts coordinate and it enhances mind alertness as well. Since teens can play with this, it is a good form of interaction among others. Playing Flybar 800 among teens increases their agility and speed; it even measures their abilities to take prompt action in certain things.

Considering Flybar 800 as an extreme pogo, compared to extreme sports such as skateboarding, you can perform notable tricks and stunts. This includes backflip, frontflip, full twisting backflip, sideflip, Under Leg barspin and stickflip. You can also create variations of Tuck Reverse, Shodack Tuck, 360 whip to reverse, Scissor Kick, McGryz, Wrap Around, 5-Finger Shuffle, Teasing the Weasel, Superman Peg Grab, Peg Tap and lots of stunts.

You can now join and win title and prizes in Pogopalooza, a competition of Flybar 800, Flybar 1200 riders and the like, after mastering such techniques and stunts. Several disciplines are measured in this sport such as highest jump, most number of jumps per minute and less jumps made per minute.
Show off with Flybar 800. Jump, bounce, flip and twist as fast as you can, as high as you can. Perform on the streets, jump on railings and slide, jump at the edge of the wall, hold on trees as you jump and backlift as you land. You can do more action with Flybar 800.

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