Gemstones – Conductors of Planetary Energy

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There is a lot more to gems than just sparkle in stunning regalia and jewelry. From the oldest known civilizations, certain precious stones have long been thought to have metaphysical powers. They had numerous uses in healing and sacramental and ritualistic ceremonies. It was only thousands of years later that gemstones were valued for their beauty and attractiveness in adornment such as jewelry. In some cultures, gems had been associated to astrology and the 9 planets.

Many insisted that there was no association between gems and planets and that it was all superstition and religious falsities, but others have indicated that there is scientific evidence behind planetary gemology studies. This research has indicated that the cosmic color spectrums given off by the numerous planets, are very related to the corresponding gem’s own color spectrums. They further expound that through these gems, the body can absorb the cosmic energy of that planet. The gem becomes a filtration system producing good or evil results depending on the individual’s needs.

It is well known that crystals used in radio technology are fundamental in transmitting, receiving and transforming invisible energy into audio. The crystal structure of gemstones are also thought to draw and concentrate the planetary energies that inundate our world and that these gems can change this energy for us if we position them next to our bodies. Vedic astrology for example, associates the nine chief gems with the 9 planets. This is the most ancient astrology known, considered to be over seven thousand years old. They considered that there was an association between celestial bodies in our solar system and the human body, and that the placements of these planets relative to each other similarly had an affect on us much as the moon’s phases are responsible for the tides in our oceans. Their astrology research indicated that each planet has its own cosmic hue and energy and that they broadcast these colored rays through the universe with their energy-providing properties of heat, magnetism and electricity. It would hence be absorbed by every living entity on earth.

The Vedic texts expound that the characteristics of good gemstones must be an inward shine, illumination with rays, transparency, absence of impurities, good structure of shape and brilliance. If the gemstone is unable meet these standards, it is disregarded. Good gems ensure good luck, affluence and accomplishment. A low quality gem brings misfortune and calamity as well as other unwelcome malevolance. Gems these days are graded differently to determine value, but once more color, translucency and hardness of the gems are among the preferred qualities, as they were many hundreds of years ago.

The 9 astrological gem stones linked to planets are as follows: The Ruby is affiliated with the Sun, the Pearl with the lunar cycle, Red Coral with Mars, the Emerald and Mercury, Yellow Sapphire with Jupiter, the Diamond with Venus, Blue Sapphire with Saturn, and representing the 2 lunar nodes is Hessonite Garnet. A more recent addition is Tanzanite which is understood to bolster Saturn’s powers.

Over the hundreds of years, further gems were included to symbolize the 12 zodiacal signs and this eventually lead to the popularity in birthstones which have a variety of elucidations following current thinking, traditional or Ayurvedic which is the old American indian philosophy based on Vedic astrology.

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