Global Warming a Threat to Mankind?

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We sure here a lot of talk about Global Warming these days, and the amount of PR promoting Global Warming Theory as fact is as alarming as what is being projected and predicted itself. Historically and evolutionary speaking warming periods and ice ages come and go, the geological record shows this, it’s hardly any secret. Best of all during warming periods species have flourished not become extinct.

Thus, climate change in a time of warming time is a good thing, not a bad thing. So, one has to ask why on Earth anyone would want to ‘stop’ a warming period climate change? Especially considering that the opposite is an Ice Age, which actually would kill off many species and probably cause human populations into the area of 3 billion in world population rather than pushing 7 billion right now.

So, why would anyone have so much willful hate in them to reduce the human population and killing off 100s of thousands of species on Earth by promoting a cooling period? Further, the definition of Global Warming is that the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere and climate is being caused by human endeavors. Most likely, it is not mankind that is causing this shift, as these cycles and shifts are common on Earth; it is the cycle of things on this planet.

Of course, some percentage of the climate, whether it is actually going up or down or neutral right now, would have to do with mankind, still that percentage is most likely very small. Global Warming Alarmists are either mislead or they are part of the group that has an agenda to push, one which is well funded to the tune of 100s of billions of dollars.

However, if this agenda helps clean the air from human pollution or clean the water, well that is a good thing. The question is should we be lying to ourselves about Global Warming to create an artificial reality and crisis, just to get our butts moving in preventing pollution? Or should we just all admit that pollution and waste are bad and agree to do something about it? Think on this.

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