Global Warming and Its Effects

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Global warming is defined as a rise in the average temperature of earth. According to the recent research, temperature of earth surface has increased to an alarming extent during the 20th century. Nowadays, it is becoming one of the major environmental problems and if it continues, many hazards can be predicted for the time to come.

The studies show that the main causes contributing towards global warming are burning of fossils fuels, deforestation and increasing concentration of greenhouse gases. The harmful gases causing rise in temperature are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and water vapors. These gases are produced on such a big scale by different factories and big power plants that burn large amount of fossil fuels. Road vehicles are also considered to be one of the major reasons behind global warming.

Global warming has lots of harmful effects not only on atmosphere, economy and environment but also on human health. Here are few dangerous effects which are causing massive destruction all over the world.

The rise in temperature of the earth causes intensity in hurricanes, melting of polar ice and glaciers, leading towards huge floods increase in sea level and other natural calamities. These climatic changes will lead to extinction of animals not only on land but also in oceans.

Many of the birds and animals which were used to migrate are now changing their time and location of migration. It is also responsible for the change in the cycle of seasons, for the summers are getting longer than winters.

Global warming can be risky for agriculture as sudden changes in temperature are affecting the amount of rainfall causing serious damage to crop production. As a result of it, the earth’s atmosphere is gradually becoming unstable and causing decreased snow fall and increased heat which are responsible for new bacterial diseases both in animals and human beings.

In addition, global warming can cause heat strokes, cardiovascular and respiratory problems. Experts believe that skin cancer is also caused by the holes in the ozone layer. At the same time, as the holes grow in size and number, the quantity of patients will also go up.

In conclusion, concerted efforts are needed to reduce global warming. What all can practically be done is just efforts to reduce it as it can not be completely eliminated. If all the countries join their hands together for the betterment of the mother planet, it is possible that these diseases and environmental changes can be brought to a considerable control.

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