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Ever imagined of living in a world of concrete jungle or in a vast dry desert without water? Where rivers, lakes seas and oceans are filled with the polluted affluent from our industries? where the animals we love to see become extinct and the level of carbon dioxide is so high that it completely destroy the ozone layer that protect us from dangerous radio actives rays from reaching the earth thereby causing an increase to uncurearable diseases like cancer? YES GLOBAL WARMING it’s a reality and is here with us, soon we might work ourselves to extinction and with us all other living creatures on this planet.

All of us are responsible and do contribute in one way or the other to global warming the sad thing about it is that the worst polluters of the environment namely The USA and Europe are the least affected while the worst affected are the least polluters namely Africa. Do we humanity have individuals roles to play to avoid this impending catastrophe from happening and making sure that life on this planet will continue? The answer is yes. Our activities occupation Travel leisure interest etc are areas we can look into and significantly help promote the conservation of our environment. The aim of this article is to promote one of this-KENYA ECOTOURISM NEED YOUR HELP

Kenya’s renowned environmentalist and Nobel laureate Pro.Wangari Maathai started the Greenbelt movement nearly 30years ago this movement pioneered others like it to come up with environmental and animal conservation all over Kenya and beyond. The result of this has been conservation of delicate ecosystem that ensures the survival of both humanity and rare species of some endangered animals and also ensure some reliable rainfall in most of these areas. This has also lead to the rising of the standard of living local communities as they are guaranteed through ECOTOURISM.

These project make use of the all the local resources and culture in there conservation work ensuring their sustainability for the present and future generations. All resources that contribute to pollution are kept to a minimum and efforts to eliminate their use employed. This also leads to a spiritual communion of nature and culture of the local people as GOD had initially planned

There are several benefits of visiting and staying in those Ecotourism areas such as:-
 You get to see the animal in their natural habitat not yet polluted by man

 You stay in an Eco friendly structure with clean and unpolluted environment as most of them are constructed using the local materials and are operated with outmost care to the surrounding environment.

 You get to interact with and learn more about the culture of the local people thereby enhancing friendship.

 Most of these places offer some of the most environmentally game watching methods, ie walking, horse and camel riding makes your safari more enjoyable.

 Get the chance of participating in conrservation by planting you own indigenous tree and ensuring the beauty of the world continue.

So if you are planning for a Safari to Kenya why not try these ecotourism sites most are more enriching than the main tourist attraction you have visited or intending to visit. A visit to these areas is you priceless contribution to humanity survival. Moreover most of them are located near the main Tourist Attractions renowned all over the world.
Have a nice Safari ecotourism Way.

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