How Does Plantex All-in-One Solution Help Manufacturing Companies Save the Environment

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Plantex All-in-One Solution helps speed up the decomposition process of biodegradable wastes, while its catalytic action induces fermentation progression. The magnetic repellant of sodium and potassium leads to the molecular separation of molecular cellulose thus allowing faster digestion of bacteria of the waste. Mix 2 kilos of Plantex Biozym plus 5 kg. rice bran per ton of organic or biodegradable waste plus chicken/hog manure or any organic garbage and rice straw by spreading evenly on a 10cm. thick layer pile. Multiple layering can be done up to maximum height of 1 meter. Cover the pile with tarpaulin or inexpensive plastic sheets. Turn pile up and down every 3-5 days intervals. Fermentation should be completed after 15 days depending on the type of organic material used.


Plantex All-in-One Solution removes the source of odor as it cleans & disinfects. Kills and breaks down the cells of odor-producing bacteria, and stops its growth, breaks the hazardous gaseous compounds (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc.), and releases these to the air, thereby eliminating the source of odor. Eliminates toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptans, etc. and converts them into usable acids. Mix 1 liter solution with 50-100 liters of water Can be applied to Sewerage Treatment Plants, Manufacturing Plants, Dump Sites, Garbage Area, Storage Rooms, Hospital Waste, Garbage Bins, Rest Rooms, Slaughter houses, Hog Farms, Poultry, Funeral Wastes, Factory Wastes, Public markets, Pet Shops, Carpet Cleaners, Janitorial Services


Plantex All-in-One Solution is a very powerful disinfectant because of its alkalinity (pH 13) of its enzymatic action that breaks the cell wall of microbes of which are primarily proteins, back to their basic elemental form or into simple molecules. Microbes can be digested easily by the combined actions of Plantex All-In-On Solution. It is highly effective as powerful cleaner because it disinfects while it cleans. It inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Several Laboratory test (i.e. VIC, ITDI, NSRI, BRSL) revealed that Plantex Solution is capable of killing & controlling the following major pathogens and other secondary organisms when properly used. Mix 1 liter solution with 10 – 30 liters of water. Can be applied to buildings, facilities, hotel facilities, garbage area, Restrooms, Toilets and Urinals, Glass and Kitchen sink, Slaughterhouses, Hospital facilities, Restaurants


Plantex Biozyme Powdered Form Micro Aid Activator contains beneficial & effective micro-organisms that produce potent enzymes which could breakdown any biodegradable solids and organic & inorganic (i.e. oil & grease) substances in liquid waste, thus preventing the accumulation of sludge. It corrects the acidity of wastewater and rapidly lowers biological oxygen demand as well as chemical oxygen demand and while the same time rapidly reduce total solids. In addition, it kills all disease producing microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi & parasites) thus preventing them to spread in the ground water bodies. It neutralizes virulent gas from hydrogen sulfide & amonia released and removes the foul odor coming from the decomposition process of endol, eskatol, mercaptants & etc. It converts sludge and treated liquid waste water into a solid and liquid fertilizer. Treats wastewater to meet DENR waste water discharge parameters that produce variety of potent enzymes that kills all disease producing microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses & parasites) present in the above environment, thus preventing bacterial disease in aquatic & marine life. It also catalyzes the breakdown of any organic or inorganic substance and degrade/digest it; allowing enough oxidation and making the water clean & clear.

Plantex Bioplus Liquid Concentrate plays a major role in this process which is necessary for the appropriate catalytic enzymes that break down different types of organic and in organic wastes in the sewerage such fats, oils, starch, sugar, cellulose, protein, nitrates, and phosphates. It serves as coagulant agent and totally eradicate foul or pungent odor. It reduces sludge and total suspended solids and reduces coli form thus neutralizing the pH level. It is a highly concentrated plant extract mostly coming from musa paradisiaca uniquely combined with various earth minerals (clay extracts) from highly weathered subsoil tropical environment. Modified during the formulation process with a series of magnetic and electronic transformations, it is a powerful solution that will absorb heavy metals such as Cadmium (Cd), Copper (Cu), Lead (Pb), Nickel (Ni) & etc. and will contribute the drastic reduction of COD and BOD in waste water and tap water. Use Plantex BioPlus Liquid Concentrate depending on Laboratory Testing of the parameters/area for treatment Dilution Ratio : 1 liter = 200 up to 1,000 liters of water. Can be applied to Septic Tanks, Sewerage Treatment Plants, Sequence Batch Reactors

AS TREATMENT FOR WASTEWATER FROM FACTORY MILLS, BOILER, REFINERY, CANALS & DRAINAGE : Use at least 30 kilos of Plantex Biozyme Powdered Form for every 60,000 gallons of wastewater. Aeration applied within 24 hours at any time through any season but preferably at noontime specially during cold season to promote the bacteria treating temperature requirement of at least 30 degrees Cent. Apply 5 liters of Plantex Bio Plus per 30,000 gallons of wastewater.

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