How the Environment Might Affect a Child’s Behavior

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You might have seen many juveniles looking for a DUI attorney or a DUI lawyer. As we see it today, many youngsters are seen to be associated with criminal activities. The reason for this might relate to their childhood. Not only criminal activities, but everything a child experiences in his/her childhood makes up his/her personality. The behavior of a child is therefore greatly affected by the environment he/she resides in.

There are many factors in the environment that will affect the way your child behaves and the way his/her personality will mold in the future. In general, children love to be natural and cheerful. Therefore, they will like everything that is positive around them. A negative environment can drastically affect their nature and their personality. Anything around them that represents sadness will not make them happy. On the other hand, anger might also adversely affect their nature.

A study in 2007 showed that many kids tend to get a serious jolt to their minds when their mother is emotionally disturbed. If a mother of a child is a victim of depression, the child is prone to have a serious mental disturbance and other behavioral problems. Similarly, if the parents are constantly quarrelling in front of the children, and the mother is being physically tortured by the father, the children get immensely disturbed.

Another reason for children to have disrupted behaviors because of the environment is restrictions. Overtly restricting your child from different things might make him/her depressed and angry. This is because by restricting your kids more than required, you are spoiling their personality. You are restricting them to be who they are in reality. A child might handle it for some time, but later, he/she would retaliate by whatever means he/she finds.

A haphazard environment might also make the child prone to behavioral problems. This is because if the environment is disorderly, the child will lack general qualities of being punctual and responsible. Moreover, such behavior might not be acceptable at school, and for this reason he/she might face many problems. A clean and organized atmosphere would be where a child is going to learn about civilized living.

A better environment for the upbringing of children will also mean that you are taking health into account. For this reason, you should make sure that your surrounding is free of toxins. Exposure to toxins may lead to an immense effect on the behavior of a child. One of the greatest examples for this is exposure to lead, which can result in the child to indulge in criminal and illicit activities. Other toxins could include cigar smoke, formaldehyde containing products, cleaners, etc.

Providing comfort to your child is the very first responsibility you owe to your child as a parent. Look around your house, and think about all the aforementioned factors. Check all these areas, as well as other factors that can affect the physical and emotional development of your child. Ensure that you are providing a healthy environment for him/her to grow well, and look forward to healthy living.

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