How To Protect Your Employee From Being Bullied In The Workplace

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Bullying in the workplace is spreading like a bad virus. It is amazing to me that over 50% of all employees are being bullied in the workplace.

Workplace bullies come in all shapes and sizes and includes men and women. Along those lines it is also both men and women who are being bullied or harassed in the workplace.

The effects of being the victim of such actions is varied, some experience depression to the point of having to see a therapist. The victim over time can lose their self-confidence and develop a loss of self-esteem.

Bullying in the workplace is now considered to be a hostile work environment. And, while this is against the law most victims will not take legal actions.

Many times workplace bullies will try to demean by constantly ridiculing the work and the work habits of the victim. For both men and women being bullied in the workplace is not to be taken lightly.

Below is a list of things that could be considered in the workplace:

  • Attacking the person’s character by spreading ugly rumors or gossip that is not true.
  • Excluding the victim from the group, for the purpose of keeping them isolated.
  • Intimidating a person.
  • Undermining or deliberately impeding a person’s work.
  • Being Physically abusive.
  • Taking away given areas of responsibilities for no reason.
  • Changing work structure and guidelines at the drop of a hat.
  • Imposing deadlines that can’t be met for the purpose of causing failure.
  • Failing to provide the necessary information or giving the wrong information that will cause the person to fail.
  • Intruding on a person’s privacy by pestering, spying or stalking.

It is the employers responsibility to make sure that the company has a solid Anti Harassment, and Anti Hostile Workplace Policy.

If your company handbook does not include these policies than you are not creating a safe work environment for your employees.

If your management team is not enforcing the good policies that you have written in your employee handbook then you are not creating a healthy work environment for your employees.

In addition to establishing a strong anti harassment policy it is good to send out your management team to seminars that will help everyone to better understand exactly what bullying in the workplace is and how it can be identified.

This kind of harassment is simply bad for the company, it destroys the moral fiber of a company and destroy employees drive and desire to succeed and improve themselves.

Any employer who is not proactive in this area is hurting the company’s reputation and profits, not to mention contributing to a criminal offense.

These last words are strong, but a human life is very precious and needs to be preserved not demeaned.

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