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Since NSA Filtration broke into the market in the late 1970s, they have become the undisputed leader for residential and commercial water filters. All National Safety Associates water purifiers use patented filtration media that resists bacteria growth and removes hundreds of contaminants, including heavy metals and PCBs. NSA currently offers a full range of filters, from shower head models to whole house water purifiers.

Countertop Water Filters

The NSA countertop H2O filter is affordable and easy to install. The current countertop model replaces the discontinued NSA Model 50C, but filters twice the volume. NSA countertop water filters have a three year warranty and filter up to 10,000 gallons through a five stage filter system. At just over $100, National Safety Associates countertop purifiers are an excellent value.

Under Counter Water Filters

NSA’s under counter filters are a little more expensive than the countertop models, but have the advantage of running out of sight and freeing up valuable counter space. The current NSA under counter model replaces the old models 100S & 100SX. NSA under counter water filters use the same patented media and five stage filtration method. The under counter model has a 25,000 gallon capacity and three year warranty.

NSA Shower Head Filter

Unlike other shower filters, NSA’s model contains the filtration mechanism inside the head, eliminating large devices that hook to the exterior. At under $50, the NSA shower head model cleans 7,500 gallons of water and only needs to be replaced every six months.

National Safety Associates is not only the industry leader in home water filtration, but their systems are long lasting and easy to install. Compared to bottled water and other water filtration systems NSA’s filters are a fraction of the cost. NSA water filtration systems remove colors, eliminate bad tastes and odors, filter out hundreds of contaminants found in municipal water.

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