Ocean Conservation – How You Can Take Part

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Ocean conservation involves the protection and preservation of marine life and environments. Conservation work is required in many parts of the world and anyone who loves the oceans can get involved.

For starters, you can contribute to an organisation or a campaign – through funds, time or a combination. Alternatively, you can publicise worthwhile campaigns through your social networks.

There are many organisations to further the goal of marine conservation and efforts can range from the simplest tasks such as cleaning a beach, to those requiring specialist knowledge and skills like marine biology and surveying techniques.

Some examples of ocean conservation work

*Learn to dive and survey turtles; get an entry level scuba diving certification and start your diving life by taking part in an important turtle conservation project in the Caribbean

*Living in a research station and taking part in scientific data collection on a remote tropical island in the Pacific

*Helping a community with their reef restoration or cleanup after a devastating hurricane in southeast Asia

Active engagement in ocean conservation – what can you gain from it?

Taking part in ocean conservation will show accomplishment and experience on your CV/resume. This can be very useful experience for:

* Those who need experience for university/college enrollment

* New graduates looking for a job

* Those looking to change their career direction

* Travellers who want to show that they were engaged in some vocational or training activities during their job gap.

You can put to use your existing skills and knowledge to a good cause or learn new skills. Enjoy the outdoors and the marine environment – maybe get some scuba diving in.

A conservation effort can be combined with a holiday. You will meet people from different backgrounds gathered for a common goal and enjoy a holiday “doing good” rather than just sitting on a beach or drinking at the bar.

Getting involved

How do you want to be involved?

What interests you? Is it being out at sea and working on the frontlines? Or would you be happier on land working in an administrative or office-based role?

What do you feel strongly about? Is it a particular region or country? Is it a particular aspect of marine life – animals, coral reef preservation etc?

Involvement starts from taking up membership of an organisation or reading up on a particular issue or geographical region. Alternatively, you can take a big jump and sign up for a project half a world away.

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