Praying To Overcome Invisible Entry Barriers

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Recently, I received a frantic midnight
call from one of my readers in Atlanta.

A member of his was facing a foreclosure
on their home in just a matter of days.
He needed my advice… desperately.

I sat down and wrote 14 prayer points

and emailed that to him, along with
specific instructions on when and how
to pray them

(just to be sure we’re all on the same page,
a prayer point is a statement created from
Scripture, designed to address a specific
problem head on. I’ll give you some samples
quite soon).

He quickly passed it on to his friend – Betty.

As sometimes happens, Betty was too tired
to pray that day. But she remembered Claire,
a childhood friend of hers in Texas was
being kicked out of her home for similar
reasons. So what she did was call her
and dictate the prayers to her over the phone.

Here’s what happened…

Claire prayed those prayers that night
(desperately, I might add) before going
to bed as instructed. The following morning
she was awakened by the shrill sound of
the phone ringing.

“Claire?” the voice on the other end asked.

“Yes, who is on the line?” she answered,
wondering who could be calling so early…
at 5:30 a.m.

It was her account officer at the mortgage
company, calling to tell her she had a
brainwave during the night that could help
her avoid foreclosure! She would have to discuss
with her manager that morning and if all went
well, all she would have to do was come in
and sign a few papers later in the day.

By 1:00 pm the second call came. Claire
hurried over for the paperwork.

Mission accomplished!

Well, when Betty heard Claire’s story,
she quickly started to pray the exact, same prayers.

Before the week was out, one of her “distant”
relatives (whom she hadn’t seen in ages)
suddenly dropped by out of the blue.

He ended up buying the property and (hear this)
re-selling it to her at zero cost!


Actually there’s a little-known biblical
principle behind all this. You see, the prayer
points I gave were carefully designed to pull down
invisible barriers of entry that exists in
every community, in every city, in
every country on this planet.

What Is An Entry Barrier?

Look at this as an invisible structure
(or entity) whose job is to keep people out
of enjoying certain benefits in certain places.

Think of the many (well-qualified) people
you know who somehow can’t seem to settle
down to a good job; or some of those who
seem to lose them mysteriously;

Or those who cannot hang on to good things
for too long – before you know it,
relationships turn sour, friends become enemies,
depression and drugs set in
(there’s a really huge market for
anti-depressants in my city…).

If you notice these things happening repeatedly,

you need to carry out what is referred to as,

“Spiritual Environmental Sanitation.”

Here’s how.

Pick a date when you could have a very light
dinner (or none at all).

Just before going to bed, do these 8 things:

1. Start by singing praises to God.

2. Open your Bible to Psalm 91 and read the
whole chapter out loud (this is one of the most
powerful ‘covering’ Scriptures in the Bible).

3. Symbolically sprinkle the blood of Jesus
upon your land (your land is the spiritual
space God has allocated to you).

4. Ask the blood of Jesus to begin to speak
over your land (Heb. 12:24 says the blood speaks, you know).

5. Address the gates and high places of your
land using Ps 24:7

6. Ask the LORD to loose His angels over your land.

7. Use the key of David to open the prison doors
of your land (this is a spiritual key that
Jesus gives to His beloved followers for this
kind of operation Rev. 3:7).

8. Give thanks to God and close with praises.

In a nutshell, that’s the pattern I followed when
I created those prayer points.

Why am I telling you this?

To show you that for every problem you may face,
there are targeted prayers you can pray to
deal with them.

Unfortunately, most folks are
unaware of these and the consequences are that a
lot of people are suffering needlessly.

What I’m hoping to do here is offer you
something you can do right now to get immediate
results for your efforts – if you’re a Christian.

(I’m not interested in telling you pie-in-the-sky
stories that don’t work).

If you’re not (a Christian), you can become one –
the door of salvation is still open and is still FREE
(in this regard, please feel free to shoot me a personal
email at: [email protected])

If you’ve not yet done so, I suggest you quickly
grab a free web copy of my book,

“Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ:
The 7 Secrets Revealed”

… to gain more insight into HOW this type of
prayer should be handled.

It is available as a free download when you

Be blessed!

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