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Bareheaded walking across the streets searching for the unpredicted mishaps even having both the feet on the ground makes the heart go all mushy inside. Populace of today really in a blizzard needs a lot of grit; really a gritty fight against the odds of life that entangle them with the ropes so tight that makes it difficult to muddle through the environmental hazards. This was just an overlook of my eyes on the disputes lingering in the minds of teens or youth of today.

Nowadays the hocus-pocus is taking its roots in youth’s mind. None is sentient of the things that are necessarily accountable for the stability to be gained at the age of early 20s till 27. Before this age every thing seems to be the deluxe one; free from the desires of life’s necessities & always in jovial mood to carry every thing in a cozy way. In a roller coaster of life enjoying the joyride to sensation & at all times is bordered by the jubilant Crowd to applaud the moods.

The basic demand of existence is to get inner satisfaction, which can be obtained by the internal & external stability of an entity. In my two optically active balls the stability desire for man & women fluctuate in many customs. Man & woman made for each other may have parallel ideas but different attitudes for gaining inner contention. My personal opinion lies in the verity that the basic need of a MAN is attaining a first-rate carrier with the money being foremost thing, which enable man to quit every thing to have the unsurpassed of it. Then comes the need for the love of life. They are really into the lovy dovy stuff but they need it for the temporary basis but the need for the undying love diverges by the time period.

As far as WOMAN is well thought-out her stability is psychologically diverging. Its in the sense that she needs the sexual permanence sooner so that she can allocate her life to the other parts of life more serenely than any thing else. Though it’s the need of a man too but due to the society we live in girls around the age of 20 or +2 more yrs are considered to be the ripen one. She also needs the security of a man under whose refuge she can triumph over the world. She has the ability to rule the world with just a push of worship, concern & an ethical support. At this epoch her desire for attaining the sexual security amplify day by day till it reaches the climax from where for 50% of females its hard to return back. I’m not presenting this scrutiny by only considering my society but also the societies all over the globe. The percentage of the girls being into the trauma of sexual aggravation is becoming elevated day by day even in the Asian countries.

New generation heading towards more corruption well again change the proportion of the chaos of both the sexes. Man being more persuasive bear the hardships with an untie heart & gain the strength where he has to feed the whole family unit.

Mind unwavering heart contented. There is no question of who needs more consideration for the chaos breakage, the thing is that how many can survive without gaining the contention & how they carry them selves & how many gain after the time period? Think about the way you want to have the successful life with different priorities & at which step of age you cultivate the stability to present cerebral allay.

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