SAP EHS Helps Businesses to Comply With Environment, Health and Safety Mandates

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It is the responsibility of every company to focus on their employee’s professional growth and ensure that they work in an environment which is safe and healthy for their well-being. Its integration helps companies to comply with environment, health and safety standards without any fuss. This is also the reason why companies always search for professionals with SAP EHS training in order to use the SAP EHS software as effectively as possible.

Plenty of Functionalities are Available with SAP EHS that Help Businesses

When it comes to safety, EHS assists in maintaining the safety standards throughout the various departments of an organization.It plays a crucial role by offering a streamlined approach for managing the waste produced by a company by adhering to different environmental regulations and also helps in reducing carbon footprint. Listed below are some of the major functionalities of the SAP EHS system:

Health & Safety

This functionality available with the software focuses primarily on every event and incident which concentrates on hygiene conditions and health processes within an organization. Employees who need to deal with hazardous substances need to follow certain regulations for their safety along with that of the workplace.

Product Safety

Starting from the development to dispatch, every product needs to follow certain regulations without fail. This functionality offered by SAP EHS helps to adhere to those standards and assist the organization in meeting the legal, sustainability and safety responsibilities. Apart from that, this functionality also helps in meeting the regulations for product storage, packaging and transportation.

Environmental Compliance Management

This functionality is useful to take care of all the laws and policies surrounding environmental compliance. Thus, it reduces the risks that threaten the organization and the environment surrounding it.

Product & REACH Compliance

This functionality is especially useful to keep a check on materials and products which are utilized for production. By maintaining compliance standards that are

specified for particular industries, companies are easily able to market their products without any hassles.

Recycling Administration

This feature is essential for companies to make sure that they are maintaining worldwide recycling legislation standards applicable for batteries, WEEE and packaging.Its management tool is an integrated, comprehensive application which allows businesses to organize EHS strategies and implement them in an efficient manner.The wide array of capabilities available with this tool turns out to be vital in addressing regulatory compliance and manage, identify and reduce EHS risks. It plays a pivotal role in delivering safe and compliant products to customers every step of the way.

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