Save Our Environment by Vacuum Forming

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It’s time to participate in saving our planet by decreasing plastic trash and recycled them into functional materials. As we know, plastic trash becomes a big problem for all countries. This plastic material can’t be diminished just like other materials; in fact, many people still depends with plastic bags and dump it everywhere.

Nowadays, there is one way to recycle plastic trash into other functional materials. Vacuum Forming is plastic recycle process that includes concrete shaping techniques. It is fun, easy learning that simply can applied at home or at school activity, since the process is simple and full of knowledge.

As a simpler way of thermo forming, all you need is thin plastic; including perspex, thermoplast, or polythene, plastic frame and the mould. There are some recommended plastic types for Vacuum Forming; they are including:

Styrene plastic; which has matte color and it’s easy to drape. In fact, it’s a bit hard to be shaped. It’s highly recommended for beginners, because it heats up slowly, and save money also.

ABS plastic; It is easy to form, and easily heat up.

There are some steps that you need to do in Vacuum Forming.

1. Put the plastic in the frame, by stretching it. You need to make it as stretch as possible so the heating process might form good soft plastic.

2. Put it in heater, or might your oven, then heat it in forming temperature. You will see that the plastic is getting soften and ready to form.

3. Switch off the heater, the use vacuum to suck the soft plastic and form it based on the mould.

4. Let the formed plastic get cooled and eject the plastic from the mould.

5. The process is done, and you will get shaped plastic form based on your creation.

These steps are easy; yet, you can use many materials around your house to recycle your plastic trash into functional things. You can also show this process to your student, and this will be a long lasting fun recycling project.

Basically, smallest industries until the biggest plastic industries use this process to form many kinds of plastic trashes into thousand of plastic things around you. Chair, plastic bowl, plastic cup, or even airplanes plastic parts.

So, how about you? Let’s start to do it at home.

Vacuum Forming at home need few things to consider.

The main problem is about space range to do Vacuum Forming equipment. So you need to prepare vacuum former that fits in your house and estimate the plastic width so you’ll not get difficulties in doing this.

You also need to consider your vacuum cleaner power. Since it has limited power, it is better for you to use thin plastic so you don’t need to buy or hardly find stronger vacuum to make Vacuum Forming process run well.

So, it is your chances to decrease plastic trash and re-cycle the plastic into an artistic things or functional materials. So let’s help our environment with your knowledge!

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