Saving Your Company’s Environment in an Economic Crisis

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The heartbeat of a company is their people. The health, mindset, and attitudes of the employees have a profound effect on the direction and performance of a company. During tough economic times, the heartbeat of the company can be very fragile as the employees find themselves in stressful financial situations.

Not only are many Americans going through difficult times, businesses are too. This only compounds the issue as companies have little options, and little money to invest in their employees. This leaves businesses in need of answers, new innovations, and ways to help the culture of their company.

Poverty Consciousness

Slumping house prices, rising gas prices, and the overall situation of the nation’s economy, have a major part of America living with doubt and concern. This doubt and concern leads to a state of poverty consciousness. What is poverty consciousness? It is a state of mind when one can only see the negativity around them. They can see no solutions in a time when solutions are needed most. It is not to say that the current economic situation isn’t real, it is just saying you won’t solve anything by focusing on the lack, or scarcity, of the situation. Focusing on the problems only leads you on the downward spiral to nowhere. However, if you can change your focus, you can begin to see solutions where others only see problems.

Many businesses find that their ship is being manned by hundreds of employees that are in this poverty consciousness. They have many concerns about their life situation, and quite possibly, their job security. When the morale and focus of a companies’ environment is stuck in this mush, what chance does a company have to climb their way out?

A Solution – Creating a Socially Conscious Work Environment

In the new wave of social and environmental responsibility comes a solution to helping business create a work environment where their employees are inspired. This next evolution of doing business brings purpose to people’s jobs, and a mindset of gratitude and abundance verses the current state of fear, doubt and worry.

Becoming a socially conscious company will help lead employees out of state of fear and anxiety, and into a state of gratitude and abundance. This comes through an evolution of steps:

First, as a company integrates socially conscious principles into their organization the employees begin to step outside themselves, their problems begin to dissipate as they learn of the suffering around the world. Raising this awareness, and declaring the company’s intentions to make a difference in the world, will bring purpose and inspiration to the work culture.

Secondly, as awareness is raised about the world concerns, people will soon step outside themselves and serve. Service is a key to help alleviate so much of the suffering in the world, and it also helps alleviate any suffering to those who are lending a hand. In fact, in service it is very difficult to truly see who is serving whom, because both parties receive so much benefit from doing so.

As people step outside their life situation to serve others in need, their life begins to change. Their perspective on life begins to change. They are left with a new sense of gratitude about their lives, and their jobs. And gratitude is simply one of the most powerful principles we can live.

Employees will then go from this third step of Gratitude and begin to see the Abundance that is all around them. Gratitude is the doorway to abundance. When we are truly grateful for what we have, we now have the vision to see the abundance that lies ahead of us. A company’s future is drastically altered when the employees of that company live in a state of gratitude, and see abundance all around them.

Creating this culture of change inside your organization will do wonders for your company. Your employees will come together as a team. Their opinions of upper management, or ownership, instantly change. The overall mindset and attitudes of the employees are significantly improved. This is the single greatest step a company can take, especially in these tough economic times. In doesn’t matter if you are part of a small firm of ten employees, or thousands, this is a revolutionary business practice that drastically improves your company’s future.

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