Science and Climate Change and Why It Should Not Be Ignored

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The most prominent debate at this time is climate change and the manner in which it is downplayed and twisted into unsubstantiated tales. Governments are the worst offenders when it comes to twisting facts into policies. It stands to reason that those who favour their elected representatives are, therefore, more trusting of them than they are of some science that may well be above their heads.

Science is a complicated subject and it involves the reversal of building blocks in nature. In other words, unpicking the way something is designed in order to understand the components of its working order.

While they may go to a doctor to discover their health problem those who turn away from this knowledge are, in face, embracing it. Medical science is no different to climate change science. Both involve an understanding of how everything works together to create life and how we can best sustain it.

In simpler terms, construction of anything usually involves a plan. Working to that plan one then reproduces something. That applies to a tailor, gardener, mechanic, and so on. Without that knowledge one can try to create it but it possibly won’t look as good or work as efficiently. That does not mean they can’t be successful and therein lies another fact.

As a spiritual person with a link to the Spirit of the Universe my knowledge is supported by my feelings within. When something is right then I know it. The same applies to lies and distortions. When they are around me my inner self rebels.

Many have this inbuilt reality but only a few uses it to their advantage. When it comes to damage to the planet the repulsion goes into overdrive. So why doesn’t that work for politicians and their supporters.

To tune in to that power requires few outside distractions. When one is focused only on their success and wealth it is ignored. So how does that work with science?

As one who has been a student of many scientific things over my lifetime the two do easily work together. The Spirit wants people to understand and protect life. That is why there is an instruction to this effect in the bible.

“Ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee… ” Job 12:7ff.

That is what scientists have done. Nature has taught us about evolution, medical conditions (cause and effect), how to get to the planets, and many things that were once only speculation. It has also taught us about pollution of the environment and climate change. If people want to ignore the facts behind it they will suffer, as we all will, by not listening to what it and the inner voice is saying.

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