Sorry: The World Isn’t Ending Anytime Soon

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We lived in Sedona Arizona during the millennial when the world was supposed to end at the stroke of twelve midnight.

Not only did all the so-called experts believe the computers were supposed to crash simultaneously because of Y2K, but living in Sedona there was much belief that the extraterrestrials were going to rise up out of Bell Rock and conquer us all.

Many even had secret rituals and potions to combat this and some had gadgets to enable us to communicate with the extraterrestrials and by this achieve our salvation and hope of eternal life.

I happen to believe there is life on other planets and we are being visited, however, when we make physical contact, we won’t need any gadgets to communicate with them.

Obviously, neither happened and we are still here, living happily on planet earth.

These manufactured crises come along so often, I began calling them the crisis of the week and have thought of starting a club so we could all keep informed of our current impending gloom and doom event.

Global warming is the current crisis that doesn’t seem to want to go away.

Every day we hear of how much the oceans are rising, how polar bears are starving to death and various other looming disasters. None of which are true.

People tell of how Miami is underwater and how the souls of Miami are continuously building up the sidewalks so people can navigate the rising waters, I live six miles from the Gulf of Mexico and have been to Miami and Fort Lauderdale countless times.

I can tell you first hand, the sea levels are not rising. They are the same level has they were forty years ago when I first visited the ocean.

Once someone told me that Miami was half under water, I responded that it was so bad that the last time I went to Miami International Airport I had to park at I-75 and I-595 and take a ski boat into the airport, and the guy believed me.

There even people here in Sarasota, some are elected officials in local and state government that continuously harp on the issue of global warming and sea level rise, do they ever go to the beach?

True the climate is changing, the climate always changes and has been doing so for at least 4.6 billion years.

This planet has been in existence for eons, what makes you believe it’s all going to come to an end in twelve years?.

When you fly over earth at thirty thousand feet, one begins to realize how wondrous and huge our planet is, and how pure the environment still is.

Sure there are local issues, always has been and always will be, but all in all the environment is in better condition now than it was sixty years ago, in any cases wildlife are returning where they have not been seen for years, smog levels are being reduced, at least in first world countries.

If you have a need to clean up the environment, try visiting China, India or some third world country where it is an issue

It has been reported there is a huge floating island of trash in the Pacific Ocean, this is not true.

There are ares of floating plastic, but the particles are very tiny, less than five mm, and cannot be detected from space and even ships pass over them without even knowing that plastic is there, this should not be, but to say there are hundreds of acres of floating plastic and garbage is about as far from the truth as you can get.

Sure we have environmental issues, always have had and always will have, even the American Indians had issues, they would farm out an area and when the land was depleted, unable to raise crops, and all the fish and game had been hunted and killed, they moved on to another area to do the same all over again.

We do need to solve issues as they come up, but the planet earth is a marvelous planet and is capable of healing itself if we just cooperate a little, we don’t need to return to a seventh century existence to accomplish that.

We need to remember the politicians and media are only creating hysteria to pander votes and ratings. We jusst need to chill out, the world isn’t ending anytime soon.

All that is needed is a little common sense conservatism.

Just start doing what makes good sense and stop running around yelling that the sky is falling.

That accomplishes nothing but to make the problem worse.

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