Starting Your Own Candy Bouquet Business – With Tips on How to Make a Candy Bouquet

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Giving flower bouquets all the time can be routine and predictable. Nowadays, creative people have given a new twist to the traditional flower-giving by creating candy bouquets. Candy bouquets can be a delightful alternative to flowers and they will never wilt or die. It is also a novel and lasting gift that can leave an impression on your recipient for a long long time. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or visiting a loved one in hospital, these treats can be a sweet way to show that you care.

You may even consider this as a business opportunity? If this sounds like an exciting idea, there are many chocolate molds wholesale and candy making supplies wholesale companies that will ensure that you have the tools, right equipment and product suggestions together with healthy discounts to get your business off to a good start.

With the increasing cost of living today, the most important thing that people keep thinking about is how to save money and how to earn it. For people with spare time, there are occasions when you want to do something worthwhile to supplement your house income. You may have heard about people earning money online and there is no doubt there is money to be made if the business is set up correctly.

One good business starter concept is the candy bouquet business. Forget the perishable flowers and start using candy lollipop molds and custom candy molds as part of your flower arrangement process. Make different styles of candy bouquets, using imagination, flare and attention to detail to offer your customers unique, amazing creations that they will find irresistible. Add to this a modern designed website with high quality images of your products and watch your bank balance grow!

Below are some tips on how to do it.

The first thing you have to do is to gather all the needed materials.

Create different types of candies and chocolates using candy lollipop molds and other custom candy molds.

Decorate the exterior portion of a suitable vase or flower pot you will use to contain the arrangement.

Take a piece of florist foam and shape it to fit the base of your container.

Tie a bow on the neck portion of the container and attach it using hot glue.

Take your chosen candies, and attach each one to the edge of wooden skewers using glue. Use different types of candies with variety of wrappers to make it look colorful. The hot glue may melt the chocolate so leave the wooden skewer for 15 – 20 seconds before pressing the candy bar.

Let the glue cool down then attach the wrapped hard candies to a wooden skewer using the hot glue gun.

Repeat the process for all the candies. You may also use flower picks that are coated with an adhesives. Peel off its plastic protector and stick the candy bars and wrapped candies to the pick.

After all the candies have been attached to the skewer, insert the end of the wooden skewer into the foam. Adjust the length of skewers according to height to create harmony in your arrangement.

Cover the foam using some basket grass, using glue to attach it.

This is a basic method to make a candy bouquet Try making one and practice making it until you come up many creative and visually interesting candy bouquet pieces. When you are successful in perfecting your candy works of art, the public will appreciate your hard work and reward you with a prosperous business.

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