Taking Care Of Our Global Weather And Its Creatures

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Summer is here. The sun is blazing with its full glare. It is time to stay in our room-compartments with air conditioners.

We are humans and we know how to beat the heat but what about the fowls and fauna? The huffing of the dogs and the panting of the cow will make you realize how hard it is to survive this blistering temperature. Few souls with kind hearts keep water-pots and grains for them to eat and drink and some are building temporary homes from shoebox and wooden cardboards. It is the least we can do, after slaying their homes.

We keep ice bags on our body at night. We drink energy drinks and try to stay cooler by wearing cotton clothes. Why are we making such desperate efforts? We are the culprits and the victims and the fault lies within our mindset. We have not spared other organisms to fulfill the selfish motives. It is a shame on humanity and their double standards. We cut the trees and we plant them again for proving our innocence. You have seen the funny images on internet sarcastically commenting on the aspect of deforestation. What are we doing about it? Rising banners with slogans, conducting air-conditioned meetings with junk food that is all we are doing.

Understand one thing my friends. Falling in love with technology is a good thing but its addiction will make your life a hell. Deforestation is its basic example. Mobile towers are stealing our sleeps. We are born with sanity so it is our responsibility to stay smart and think about the consequences when addiction exceeds its limit.

The respected Mr. Stephan Hawkins has gravely pointed out that, in the next hundred years we have to leave this planet. It is not like shifting your house to a new city, but to move our existence to an entirely different sphere. Do you know how horrible it is to imagine such a thing? How many people would actually have the power, capacity, and knowledge to live their life as a Martian? When such a thing comes out from a scientist’s mouth, we have to perceive the sound of the danger bells and take steps to curb it down.

While fighting against the bad things, there are good vibes pervading somewhere. It is the law of nature to balance the good and evil. If vice is dominating, purity will try its best to destroy the force. Pollution, deforestation, concrete jungles, and chemical refineries add to the list of impurities, while preserving animals, feeding them and living a healthy lifestyle is a plus-point in the course of humanity.

We can stop it if we want. Born into this world we have that force within our souls to filter whatever is destroying us. Levelling the good activities to the level of destruction seems a fair fight.

Take for instance, a day without mobile phones. For 7 days in a month, we can travel carless. Bikes can go into their respective garages and refrigerators can be temporarily switched off.

Think of these ideas and follow it if you really want to make that change within you and outside your world. Save your flora and fauna and save your blue house. As soon as possible.

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