The Benefits of Using Green and Silver Tarps

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Silver and green heavy duty poly tarps are very popular for all kinds of extended outdoor uses. They are widely seen in construction, roofing, agriculture, landscaping, boating, camping, and other recreation. They can even be used to cover outdoor furniture and backyard play equipment. These tarps are lightweight and therefore easy to handle, yet they are very strong. They generally weigh about 5.5 ounces per square yard. You can buy a heavier tarp, but it will cost more, and it will not be as easy to handle because of the added weight.

The silver and green tarps are also waterproof and will protect what’s underneath against harmful UV rays that can cause equipment to fade in color and otherwise deteriorate. They should be UV treated on both sides. They should also be mildew proof, rot proof, acid resistant, and tear resistant.

The green color helps this tarp fade into a wooded or grassy landscape almost as well as a camouflage tarp does. Other kinds of heavy duty poly outdoor tarps are generally white or silver because of their reflective properties. Of course the silver and green tarps can also be reversed to put the silver side on top if that color is more desirable in the outdoor environment. Which side is facing out should not matter to the life of the tarp or the protection it offers.

Like any good tarp it is recommended that it be tightly secured to protect both the tarp and what it is covering. Eyelets should be every 18 inches or so to allow the tarp to be tied down tightly thereby helping to keep out wind and rain and all kinds of weather. The eyelets are also generally treated to make them rust proof, and the corners of the tarp are reinforced. These tarps come in different sizes to meet the desired needs. Some more popular retailers will offer a discount if purchasing these tarps by the case. Another ideal use for these good value tarps is to cover up Lumber.

One website claims these kinds of tarps last 3-4 times longer than traditional standard tarps. While that may or may not be the case depending on care and usage, the silver and green heavy duty tarps are generally a good buy for the money and are among the most popular tarps sold today. They are essential for homeowners, campers, and anyone with outdoor machinery or just something to protect from the elements.

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