The Concept of Social Malevolence Around The Globe

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There is no denying the fact that the European Muslim Society has adopted recently a new theory in the form of a model. This inventive model has been developed to eradicate any intense dislike prevailing among the Muslim Society in Europe. This new-fangled event has been named ‘Hello! We are humans’. As a part of a weekend International Program, this event was celebrated in United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Australia etc.,. This magnificent event was chalked out by an International Islamic Community called ‘THE ISLAMIC COMMUNITY MILLE GORAS’ in short known as ICMG. It needs to point up that a plebiscite was held in 2016 with Braxiest issues of Britain and afterwards, such religion malevolence largely spread out home and abroad. In 2016 in Britain, about five thousand events bedded on Muslim revulsion took place and in 2017 it exceeds up to ten thousand with such awful religion malice as reflected in world report with due earth-shattering.

There is no denying the fact that even in Germany and in Spain too, such horrific events have been revitalized. In 2017, a vicious malevolence took place in Germany and Spain following 950 attacks upon the Muslims in different mosques of Germany. In Spain, more than five hundred Muslim women and children have been victimized with religion malice. Besides, a fire broke out in a mosque in a city of Netherlands. Under such circumstances, some younger groups consisting of young boys and girls came forward with a slogan- ‘Hello, we are Muslims’. They made up their minds to return back their acceptable and peaceful environment based on nonviolence activism among different communities of men and women. They have been able to reach them the only message of peace-‘we are humans’ in the sense that they would live beside them with intensive ties and they only intend to live with complete freedom. It was their further earnest appeal to them to stop attacks of religion malevolence.

It is a fact that that a man will stand by the side of another man in weal and woe just likes to work with heart to heart. There are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and atheists in the midst of men. In this ephemeral world everyone has a unique place to survive side by side in the form of cohabiting. As our feelings for devotion to religion is true, similarly, atheism is truly implicated universally. A group of people has faith upon the base of religion but other groups never believe in article of faith. The people in Japan never cultivate any religion. Even the people of Britain, Australia, America, Canada, and Europe on large scale never believe in any religion. During Sabbath prayer, the churches remain vacant where no people visit there for their supplication to God. But the people residing abroad in developed countries are devoted to their own religion in their temples and mosques with intensive cohabiting irrespective of castes and creeds. In reality, the people of these countries are very much cohabiting and coordinated to lead their lives controlled and cleanly according to their own ethics in question of religion.

The religion believers perform their prayer to their own place of supplication and the non-believers never attain any supplication. But they all attain same market place, same institution for education and they attend regularly their working place. After day break, they are sleeping in their own shelters. They have no conflicts; they have no pressure mandatorily. Individually, they have free will and as such each one is enjoying self-rule of religion. On the other hand, same norms are not prevailing in another world. The problems of atheism exist in some countries of Asia, even in Middle East, this problem is prevailing. In some countries, pronouncing one’s identity to someone as an atheist is a crime as per law of that country. In such state of affairs of human conducts, the world is surviving; non-atheist and atheist are both suffering from mental agony.

At this crucial point, no one is facing problem rather they are neither nether offering light nor dark beset with superstitious belief. Nothing disintegrates or someone is offering light to someone but another one is being deprived of light or someone is being provided with shadowy filled with irrational certainty. Everyone is being contributed to equal light and dark wordlessly. Not only the humans, animals, birds and beasts are all enjoying the gifts of nature in equal rights. The earth considers everything in equal rights even though tigers have fierce attitudes for which such species are not being driven out and side by side humans, the crows and the cuckoos are being looked upon in equal vision. These are the species with which the earth has sharp look in equal judgment. Hence, no one is blaming the earth for any ambiguous distribution of the natural gifts. The earth bestows her gifts of nature equally and as such we are equally acclaimed of her unlimited contributions. In such hypercritical state of affairs, we need to proceed ahead in search of humanity whether human consciousness has been lost or regained in due sense of worldly affairs of human perception.

Suffice it to say that we would like to give our placard a separate name like Hello! We are humans. The mammal which took birth with two legs, two hands encountered with nose-ears is called ‘Humans’. In literal meaning, the word ‘Man’ revitalizes same thing everywhere but this is an inquiring feeling why this mammal changes its sense from one country to another, in Middle East it takes one form but in Europe, it has taken another. It is a different feeling as to when we recognize ourselves under a unique base. We may have a question whether the people of Bangladesh remain identical in due sense anywhere in the world. We have always a question murmur in our ears whether we are humans in reality or we are real humans to retaliate real life situation. If such inquisitiveness continues, we cannot find the real definition of humans and to find the placard in the banner of humans would be difficult to explore. This placard has not been built for only Bangladesh; it has been developed for whole humans of the universe. Same placard is applicable for the people of Africa who live beside the deep forest bearing black body with large leaps. They all must bear this placard like Hello! We are humans. We raised this demand but would it be possible in real life situation? This is the question of our inquiring feelings. We may be Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christian and Atheist. We are different castes to show our identity in different phases with our separate entity. If this happens, we cannot bear this placard! We are humans. Someone whispered to our eyes, hello! You are fool; you have no problems in it. In individual belief, someone is perhaps Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Atheist. Surely, we are different in unique belief from other one by one. But we all were born as a man.

In temple, the person who is immersed in supplication and another one who remains in prayer in the mosque, and there exists a unique consistence. They are both humans. Due to such consistence they have held same placard. As if we have heard in hallucinogenic state of mind in the sense that everybody possesses same eyes, same nose, same hands and same legs. If any organ is cut, same red blood should be yelling out. In terms of feelings for sorrows and happiness, there is no inconsistency and as such everyone lives in the midst of everyone’s feelings and attitudes of life’s race. Then, it happens so, where is the debate?.

In solving such critical problem, the earth is failure in finding out reasonable logic for which our universal placard illustrates-Hello! We are humans. We are humans first, and then we are Hindus. Similarly, we are humans and then we are Muslims. In signifying the differences, it is palpable the we are humans as a realm of first and foremost identity and then we are born as different castes and creeds like Hindus, Muslims, Christians and atheist. Henceforth, we have no difficulties to say only human to anyone in the earth. By hanging a placard, we would like to say that our birth right is to live by accompanying one another in the society where one man cannot invade another man. The people who kill humans by using explosions are also the member of human society. For this reason, one should not take another one’s blood by killing or attacking due to one’s invasion or complaint. Like ours, another ten people consider such event in such manner; the matter may be more significant and dangerous which we can pledge to stress this matter spreading the whole world which is not only coherent with a class of people like a caste, nation, a country and a continent.

Today’s science is predicting in the sense that the world may have reached globally at the end of tether about the climatic problem in future ahead. This topic is named ‘Global Warming’ by the Scientists. If the vast water is pulled beyond sea level by this global warming, then it seems to be difficult to find the destination of humans, animals and all other species even it would be extremely troublesome to detect least meadows for their surveillance. Today we find, the children and younger people are busy with picnic on a barren land gleefully, during their lifetime, they may be lost by the high water level of the sea. Most of the pathways may be inundated under water. Not only this, major part of the habitats involving billion number of people if immersed under water, how this small earth would be able to accommodate such large number people which is the burning question of the day. The Nature would not be calmed with such consequences, the earth which would be left over after grasping by the global warming, the earth would be disloyal and it would be much more critical to survive for other species on this meadow. We may perhaps go out of extreme pestilence due to divesting attitude of global warming. Only is the difference of one century; that is to say, within one hundred years, such unusual terrible event may take place upon the soil of Bangladesh.

The sea may grasp most of the lands of Bangladesh. Only in Bangladesh, we have already observed the water surge up to the level of four feet high from the sea. It would not be difficult to understand the meaning of water level high of the sea of the world people. At this end of this century, this limit may cross up to ten feet high. We should reflect severely at the end of this century about the consequences of the cities, atomic energy centers, the sea ports, cultivable lands and fish producing centers around the sea. We are conversant that about six hundred million people are living at 10 feet high from the sea level presently. The superficial dreadful ruins are clearly pragmatic upon such hectic grave status of interaction due to climatic disaster. We are being given advance signal of being traumatized due to high hotness, infringement of sea level due to water surge, new plagues as epidemics in the form of virus, tornados, high tides, floods and fireflies as if the day of that upheaval is near-term just before us. Hence, in order to get rid of such hurdles, there are two ways before the humans, either they will strike back by close ties with one another or they will be defeated with such crucial situations and render supports to end up such civilized world for good.

In view of the above, it is evident that humans are superior in respect of wisdom, merits, science and intellectuals. But the diversified mankind can cease their advanced expedition. Only combined power can encourage them, and they may be inspired to conquer the natural disaster with new stepladder. So, the slogans ‘we are humans’ can protect them as a means of last resort. Humans first come and then other identities would be flourished. We should prefer humanity first; then the judgment of class of people may come down. Afterwards, the earth would accept them as combined collections. In doing so aftermath, the humans will cherish not only to protect this earth but also to make this world beatified abodes.

It is hoped, the species humans by name would be a symbol of humanity as a spark of human civilization. We may expect that humans will live one day in a world as a classless member of human society or they will detect a species with utmost humanity hereinafter. Then they will live in the midst of bounded meadow covering unbounded race towards civilization. Later, the slogans of humanity will be echoed in the air by detaching the lands of classified people. We are waiting for the day coming and my slogan ‘Hello! We are humans’ will be echoed in the glittered hearts of every people on earth for long thousands and thousands years.

In fine, we should emphasize that being the best creation of the world, we should lead our lives controlled and cleanly irrespective of castes and creed.In order to be a complete man we must follow our religious obligations as our bounden duty. For this reason, we should bear in mind that all men are created by Almighty Allah equally.

I have written this article in my own language based on newspaper news and information collected from Internets.

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