The Fallacy With Vedha in Gochara!

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The fallacy associated with the concept of Vedha in Vedic Astrology is greatly misleading. It has been interpreted as the annulment of the auspicious or inauspicious effects of the Gochara of a planet. Gochara stands for transit in Vedic Astrology. Here we will see how Vedha has been misunderstood by many of us. For the ease of understanding I will take just one Moon sign and singular imminent transit of Saturn.

Various planets have different houses as auspicious and Vedha houses. There are house positions with respect to natal Moon where planets give auspicious results and there are certain Vedha positions for various positions. The natural malefic planets like Mars, Saturn and Rahu cause auspicious results while transiting houses 3rd, 6th and 11th, whereas they get Vedha by any planet transiting 12th, 9th or 5th houses from them. To take an example: If a malefic planet is passing through 11th house for Sagittarius native-it will give auspicious results unless there is another planet passing through the respective Vedha house (5th house).

It must be noted very carefully that the auspicious or inauspicious results of planets in transit are dependent on many factors like natural significations, aspects and Vedha etc. For example-Saturn transiting through its exaltation sign Libra will give its results in the most intense manner; i.e. good and bad results will get intensified for various natives. Similarly Jupiter causes least inauspicious results because of its transits no matter how malefic the house in transition is, since it’s the best among the natural good planets.

However, the most important factors are Vedha and auspiciousness of the house being transited. It must also be noted that father-son combinations of planets do not cause obstruction (Vedha) to each other during the transit. For example, Sun-Saturn and Moon-Mercury pairs do not cause Vedha when passing through the mutual Vedha houses. Moreover, the houses where malefic planets give inauspicious results are Vedha houses-for example, Saturn would not give good results when passing through the 12th, 9th or 5th houses; but it does not give good results even when passing through 2nd, 3rd or 10th houses.

To take an example to understand the widespread fallacy with Vedha: Saturn receives Vedha from any planet other than Sun as stated above. Saturn is under Vedha when any planet other than Sun is transiting through the house 7th from it. It means that the full 7th aspect of any planet other than Sun causes Vedha to its transit. It is suggested that any planet under Vedha ceases to give results of its transit, that is, the auspicious transits do not give auspicious results and inauspicious transits do not give inauspicious results.

Under the impression of aforesaid Vedha, Astrologers and non-astrologers tend to assume that there will be no change in effects of a transit to an inauspicious or auspicious house as long as the planet is under Vedha. For example: According to many Astrologers the Saturn transiting through the 11th house for the natives of Sagittarius Moon sign will do no good as long as it is under Vedha. The fact is-Saturn will be under Vedha for enough long until Jupiter is not done with the transit of Aries, because, Jupiter is casting 7th aspect to Saturn. It should be noted that Sun transiting the seventh from Saturn at the time when another planet is also transiting the seventh does not cancel the effect of Vedha. The transit of Sun from the seventh of Saturn is exceptional in the sense that it does not cause Vedha.

What is the flaw in the approach which propounds the cancellation of any auspiciousness caused by Saturn’s transit through the 11th house until Jupiter is transiting through the 5th house for the same native?

The answer is-experts who interpret these effects of Vedha, disregard the effect of cancellation of the inauspicious effects of the malefic Transit of Saturn through the tenth house. The Saturn stops affecting native adversely as soon as it leaves the malefic house, therefore, as soon as the transit of Saturn through the malefic 10th house ends; it lessens the burden on a native a great deal.

It is true however that there will be grades of auspicious or inauspicious results caused by the Saturn or any other planets in various houses. For example: The best results will be given by the Saturn when it’s neither under Vedha nor retrograde for Sagittarius natives. However, suggesting that Saturn ceases to give any results good or bad is based on omission of the fact that it is no longer giving results which were causing trouble for the native during its transit through the tenth house.

Similarly we should derive results for various transits.

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