The Importance of Personal Identification

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In industries such as airport controls and security, being easily identifiable is hugely important. Not only is it vital to make sure that your security personnel are legitimate members of staff, but also that all staff, including those at check in desks and help stations, are easily recognised as professional employees, and that they immediately promote themselves as friendly and helpful by offering their first name, via an official company name badge. Therefore this certified name badge must be presented on an employee’s person clearly and professionally. A key to achieving this is to offer all staff with regulation name badge holders.

While name badge holders can seem like an insignificant part of an employee’s uniform, as mentioned before in an environment such as an airport it is extremely vital that all staff can be identified clearly and easily. An airport can be a scary and unfamiliar place, and professional people such as security guards can make both travellers and other members of staff feel much more comfortable, and therefore must be able to be identified unmistakably. With airports catering for many different nationalities on a daily basis, having these confident officials who can be recognised easily and certainly by anyone can help immensely to make people feel safe, and also make an airport much more efficient.

Personalised name badge holders can prove beneficial, but in an environment such as an airport, it is important that each holder has the same company logo incorporated into the holder. For legitimacy issues, a universal design that signifies each company and not each individual employee may be more beneficial. Both travellers and staff need to be aware that the employee they are dealing with is a completely legitimate member of staff, and by providing evidence of an official name badge, perhaps in the same name badge holder that every member of staff has on their person who work for the same corporation, will help these employee’s remain genuine. Matching holders such as these will also make a company look much more professional, and the illustrative verification of a logo will also cater to the entire multi-cultural population that an airport facilitates every day. If a customer is not local to the country in which the airport is situated, a picture can provide an easy and efficient way of proving identification belonging to a certain company, therefore making it a more secure environment for any traveller.

Whether companies choose to design different badge holders for different sectors, such as separate designs for security badge holders and aviation staff, it can conjure both negative and positive effects. It may make a company look more professional by appearing to take great care and pride in every aspect of the company, though in contrast it could create confusion for customers who do not recognise each individual design. Either way, name badge holders must not be underestimated as an important aspect of personal identification.

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