The Pros and Cons Of Biodegradable Urns

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When you pass away, there are many different ways in which you can help to protect the environment without upsetting your family and loved ones. For most people, protecting the environment when they die simply means being cremated rather than being buried, however, being cremated is not completely environmentally friendly option that it may appear at first. There is the energy used in the furnace and then there is the task of distributing the ashes. However, there is now a way in which you can be cremated whilst at the same time, giving something back to Mother Earth.

Ashes Urns That Are Biodegradable

For decades, having your ashes stored in a cremation urn meant having one made from wood or stone or metal, and these were often placed somewhere around the home of a relative or friend as a permanent reminder. However, there is now an alternative in the form of a biodegradable urn. Theses are a great way to give something back to the planet after you have gone, and a lot of people who care about the environment are looking at this option for when their time comes. The biodegradable urn is an urn that is made from a material that is designed to degrade over a period of time in order to distribute the ashes into the ground. The speed at which this takes place will depend on the type of soil that the urn is buried in; however, you can expect the urn to have completely degraded within a matter of weeks.

The Perfect Solution For Distributing Ashes

Having your ashes interned in a biodegradable urn that is buried in the ground is a method of distributing ashes that is much nicer than having to scatter them by hand. Many people are not keen on the ceremony of scattering ashes of their loved ones and by taking the route of a biodegradable urn, you are saving your relatives from taking part in what can be an unpleasant experience for them.

Just because you are opting for a biodegradable urn, does not mean you are going to have to have your ashes stored in a plain and mundane cardboard box. There are many different urns that are available and they come in a number of different materials.

Hopefully, this article has given you some idea as to why you should consider having your ashes stored in a biodegradable urn, and why it is becoming the choice for those people looking to help the planet after they have gone.

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