Thyroid Function and Obesity – A Environmental Clue

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Your doctor looks at your blood test results and notes that your thyroid isn’t functioning real well. He then pulls out the prescription pad and off to the pharmacy you go. Problem is, your doctor may be putting your health at risk due to a surprisingly little known fact, that your low thyroid activity may be helping you out. In fact, very few know about the fact that stimulating the thyroid through the use of medications such as Synthroid or more natural thyroid stimulants like Westhyroid or Amour can be highly detrimental to a persons health if they are environmentally toxic. The reason is so basic that perhaps it is too simple, that many in the health care industry may simply be missing the obvious.

So why would increasing metabolism be a bad thing when so many people have low metabolisms which inherently can lead to fatigue and obesity? The answer comes from experiments done in animal research and duplicated in humans. When a mammal is exposed to environmental toxins, it naturally slows down its metabolism in order to fend off the effects of the toxins be they petrochemical, heavy metal or other. The body temperature goes down, metabolism slows and the organism can handle the toxin better. By increasing metabolism we can negate the protective mechanism that is innate in our bodies and cause more damage to our health.

The best thing to do it assess your toxic load though the use of two laboratory tests. The first one everyone should get is the Environmental Pollutants Biomarker urine test from US Biotek in Seattle, Washington. It looks for metabolites (byproducts) of petrochemicals like benzene, xylene, toluene and others as well as for markers of phthalates (a common plasticizer) and the preservative paraben. If you have elevated levels, their report will guide you in developing a detoxification protocol and sources of exposure as well.

The other test I would recommend would be a Whole Blood Elements test from Doctor’s Data in Chicago, Illinois. It will not only report on circulating levels of heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and arsenic, it will report on levels of critical minerals like zinc, magnesium and chromium.

The key here is that if your system is toxic, your metabolic rate will go down and you won’t be able to lose any weight. The toxins actually block your ability to turn food into energy. Detoxify or gain weight. It’s your decision.

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