Tigers Rescue Mission (An Initiative To Preserve The Cat Family)

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The Tiger (Panthera Tigris), is one of the umbrella species among the cat family. They are one of the pompous backbones of our ecosystem helping us to conserve the natural habitat as well as to preserve and protect the whole nature, our sacred Mother Earth! They are considered to be the largest cat species surviving till date. Having a total body length of 3.38m (i.e. 11.1 ft) and weighing up to 338.7 kg (i.e. 857 lb), tigers are blessed with an exceptional beauty making them one of the most attractive among the panthera family. The Panthera tigris family consist of the following members:

1. Lion

2. Jaguar

3. Leopard

4. Snow Leopard

Well, among these carnivore family, tigers are meant to be the apex predators as their primary preying targets are from some ungulates like buffalo, pig, deer and to name a few. Tigers are considered to be the most recognisable and popular of the charismatic megafauna. Apart from being the national animal of India tigers are also given national status in countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia and South Korea. They are the totems which are given a high dignity in the society.

Though tigers are not the king of the jungle, they can be given the title of being the queen of the jungle as they help in serving the entire balance of our ecosystem. According to the latest study by researcher’s, tigers are listed as one of the endangered species. Poaching by hunters for fur and body parts are the reason for the decline in tiger population. Habitat destruction and its fragmentation are the primary reasons for their population decrease. The reduction in cat population is becoming a major threat to our ecosystem which is affecting the climatic conditions of our environment in a disturbing way which is why it becomes necessary for us to save the tiger for the conservation of the ecosystem. The top reasons why these cute cats hold an importance from biological perspective have been listed below:

1. Supports Livelihood

The tourism industry i.e. the largest industrial sector among all gets highly benefited on a large scale making huge profits every year. Tigers are one of the primary attractions by the Indian as well as the foreign tourists. Most of the foreigners visit India just to have the glimpse of the tiger. An increase in the population of the tiger is sure about to support its livelihood.

2. Protector of Genetic Diversity

As they are categorised under the umbrella species, flora and fauna of our ecosystem are automatically conserved. A well-planned conservation program is always successful in protecting and saving the tiger species.

3. Showering Rain

The Tigers are meant to be the core Guardian and indicator of a healthy lush green forest. The existence of alive Tigers is sure to bring rain rather than the dead ones bringing devastation.

4. Climate Controller

Tigers prevent climatic changes occurring in the environment. They’re known as the natural carbon sinks of our ecosystem. The more tigers we have, the healthier reserves we’ll have.

5. Symbol of National Pride

The long stripes of tigers make them beautiful. Their strength and power make them popular among their species. This is the reason they have been given the national title. Out of the total eight races, the Royal Bengal tiger of India is found in the country except in the north-western region.

So let us pledge to save our tigers, save our national pride and fight for their right.

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