Watersense – A Simple Yet Powerful Way to Lessen Our Ecological Foot Print

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Several wars and diplomatic tensions have centered on oil which is depleting with every passing second. However, another natural resource, which deserves greater attention, is now forcing environmentalists and politicians to take a closer look. We are talking about water that has now become a topic of heated debates and discussions. It is therefore not surprising that NASA is sending teams and researching extensively find out if water is present on the surface of moon. Alarmingly, population growth and global warming have played a huge role in contributing to the global water shortage problem. As a result, many organizations are working on developing water efficient technologies that can aid in water conservation.

One of the technologies that has been developed in recent years to ensure water conservation is WaterSense. The term WaterSense has been coined by the EPA which is working extensively on reducing wastage of water at homes. As per this program, various products of everyday use are labeled to be easily identified as water saving equipment and gadgets. This makes the WaterSense label akin to the Energy Star label which is meant to denote energy saving products. The WaterSense program is targeted mainly at faucets and toilets that cause wastage of water to the maximum level. The WaterSense labeled products are designed on the concepts of low flow of water. These products are well equipped to save up to 18,000 gallons of water used in homes each year.

The need to implement a program like WaterSense was felt soon after statistics showed that in spite of the awareness programs run by well known non profit organizations at a mass level, people were still wasting water. After the roaring success of the Energy Star move, it was felt that a similar step could be introduced to conserve water. It is positive to note that this move is garnering a good response from people of all age groups.

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