What is Reduce Reuse Recycle?

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The Environmental Protection Agency wants you to learn the three “R’s” when it comes to your trash. Those three words are very important if you want to continue living on a clean planet and one that is not overflowing with yesterday’s garbage.

Reduce reuse recycle is your mantra to repeat to yourself each time you go to throw something away. Once you learn the three “R’s” you will be able to set a better example and help your environmental services program combat the never ending supply of garbage.

The first “R” in the three refers to reducing. This means to reduce the amount of garbage you generate. Try to buy items that are going to last longer so you do not have to buy them as often. Sure, there will be some items that do not have a long shelf life but you can still try to find those items that do.

Some packaging contains harsher chemicals than others. It may cost you a dollar or two more but try to go with items that have less packaging.

In the quest for reduce reuse recycle; reusing is next on the agenda. Try to reuse as many products as possible in your own household. Plastic milk jugs make great pitchers for tea and water.

They can also be used as plant holders once you decorate them a bit. On a municipal level, reusing also occurs when recyclables are turned into different products, such as asphalt for paving roads or new notebooks.

The final “R” relates to recycling. This means utilizing a recycling program from your sanitation department or local environmental services. You can ask them what materials are accepted locally and then get the appropriate recycling containers into which you can place that material for pick-up.

Plastics go into one container. Paper goes into another container and glass goes into a separate container. Then all three, along with garbage that cannot be recycled, is picked up by your local sanitation or recycling program. As well, you can recycle your food waste products by starting a compost heap.

Reduce reuse recycle all begins with you at home. Reduce the amount of waste that you generate by electing to use items that last longer. Buy recycled products and reuse some of the items that you already have in your home, such as plastic milk jugs. Separate your garbage into the appropriate recycle bin. Teach the people around you that recycling is a great way to help the environment. For more information on the three “R’s” and how you can do your part, visit “Epa”. Learn how one person can make a difference.

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